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Artist of the Issue: Matt Aprahamian ‘15

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Matt Aprahamian / A. Stetser

Have you ever wondered who is jamming out on the electric guitar with Liturgical Music at chapel services?  It’s Matt Aprahamian, Class of 2015. For this active member of the arts at Malvern, guitar is more than just a hobby for him; it’s a passion.

Jack Magargee: How are you involved in the arts at Malvern?

Matt Aprahamian: Freshman year, I joined Malvern’s Jazz Ensemble. Starting in my sophomore year, I became a member of Malvern’s Guitar Ensemble, and I’ve been playing electric guitar in the Liturgical Music homeroom since last year.

JM: Why did you start playing guitar?

MA: I started playing guitar because it seemed like a cool thing to do. I just wanted to try it! Eventually it turned into a hobby and one of my favorite things to do. I still try to play every day whenever I have some free time.

JM: How long have you played guitar?
MA: I’ve been playing guitar since I was in fifth grade. I was twelve when I started.

JM: Who first taught you guitar?
MA: Originally I took lessons from a private instructor in New Jersey, when I used to live there. I stopped taking lessons my freshman year when I moved to Malvern. Since then I’ve been teaching myself through learning new songs and techniques. I’ve been practicing a lot!

JM: Where do you play? Is it just at Malvern?
MA: I play at Malvern and I also play acoustic guitar at some restaurants during the summer. I used to be in a few bands in middle school but not anymore.

JM: What are you aspiring to do with guitar after your time at Malvern?
MA: I hope to do as much as I can after high school. I want to play guitar in college in whatever ways I can. Maybe I will take some guitar classes or join a band. But playing guitar has become a passion of mine and I hope to keep playing for the rest of my life.

Matt is looking forward to continuing both his academic and musical career here at Malvern. His passion has definitely become a facet of Malvern’s everyday life. You can see more from Matt at Malvern’s next mass.

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