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Resurrected Malvern Dance Crew to perform with Notre Dame

Photography/M. McCarthy
Daubney at Rehearsal/M. McCarthy

On Friday, May 1st, the Academy of Notre Dame Company and Malvern Dance Crew will be performing at Notre Dame at 7:00 PM, according to Notre Dame’s website.

While this may seem like a rare or strange event to some of the student body, this is not the first time the Malvern Dance Crew has performed.

The program originally started three years ago when the current seniors were freshmen. They performed again the year after that, but not last year, according to Phil Daubney ‘15, one of the key members of the dance crew.

Daubney said the program started this year again because, “Grease was such a huge success and had such a big turn out on the guys’ part. A lot of them wanted to stay involved.”

Malvern students were selected based on their ability and interest, according Pam Devenney, the Dance Director for Notre Dame and the Dance Crew,

Devenney said the goal of the production is to, “[Expose] males to the world of dance, and show audiences guys can dance and the athletic side of this art form.”

“I’ve never thought I would have so much fun dancing,” said Dance Crew member Rob DiCicco ‘16.

They will perform one “great disco number,” as Devenney described it.

As for the future of the program, Devenney hopes to continue the Dance Crew in fall of 2015.

Although he will be graduating in a few months, Daubney also expressed his hopes for the future of the dance crew.  He hopes that with underclassmen involved, the program will keep going in the years ahead.

“Dance is a really great thing for the mind and body, and I don’t think a lot of guys think about that too much,” said Daubney. “It’s also a ton of fun! I’m hoping guys will see this show and realize how cool dance can be.”

“People should come to the show because it’ll give them the opportunity to watch their friends give it all they’ve got on stage,” said Daubney.

Mike McCarthy ‘15, all-Inter-Ac offensive lineman and member of the Dance Crew, added, “It’s going to be a bunch of your Malvern friends and brothers, out of our comfort zones, on stage.  We might be wearing silver sequins.  Again.”

Academy of Notre Dame Spring Dance Performance

Friday, May 1, 7:00 PM, Academy of Notre Dame

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