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Malvern says Farewell to Mr. Pison

Mr. Nick Pison, a freshmen and junior English teacher as well as a lacrosse coach, will be leaving Malvern next year.

Mr. Pison / M. Pichola
Mr. Pison / M. Pichola

As the school year is ending, it is time to say goodbye to some Malvern teachers and faculty member who are leaving after the end of this year. One of these people is Mr. Nick Pison. Pison has been at Malvern for three years teaching freshmen Honors English class and junior British Literature. Mr. Pison has also been a lacrosse coach at Malvern. He is headed to Florida to begin a new journey in his life.

Why did you decide to come to Malvern?
I was just coming out of college and I felt that it was a good opportunity. I also went to St. Augustine’s Prep in New Jersey for high school, so I knew the Augustinian values that Malvern offers.

What do you like best about Malvern?
It is a great environment to teach in. I really like the kids and we have a great faculty that really shows what Malvern is about.

Where are you going to teach next year?
I will be teaching at Ransom Everglades in Miami. It is a new opportunity that I am excited for.

What are your goals for the future?
I would like to keep teaching and maybe later move to an administrative position, but definitely just trying to keep teaching.

Will you use Membean in the future?
Hopefully, I offered it to the school I will be teaching at but I have not heard back from them yet.

Will you change your beard to cope with the Florida heat?
I might trim it up a little bit, but I am definitely keeping it.

About Eric McLaughlin

Eric is currently a junior at Malvern. He has been on the BFC since his freshman year. Eric was a reporter for his first two years at Malvern and is now the social media editor for the paper. He also plays golf for Malvern and participates in many other clubs at school. Eric lives in Media, Pa with his parents and 2 other siblings.

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