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Students organize remembrance of 9/11

On Monday, Sept. 14, during Community Time Editor-in-Chief Justice Bennett and Student Council President Alex Freud led a student-run memorial for 9/11 in the Duffy Center. There was no official memorial planned for the upper school.

The optional student memorial followed the regular Monday morning chapel service, where Fr. Harry Erdlen offered a homily reflection on 9/11 and Fr. Flynn spoke about the upcoming Papal visit.

This year’s student-organized ceremony began with a speech by Bennett and a prayer by Freud. Former Malvern teacher and East Norriton firefighter Dr. Joseph Oechsle and Haverford Township Director of Paramedics Jim McCans ‘82  spoke with the students. Both speeches emphasized the importance of 9/11.

McCans called the volunteer sacrifices of 9/11 the best example of Christianity he has ever seen. He asked students to consider what would happen if the message of Christ lasted only 14 years.

Oechsle concluded the memorial with a prayer that Pope Benedict offered when he visited Ground Zero in 2008.

For the previous 12 years Malvern hosted an official ceremony honoring the anniversary. During this ceremony, current volunteer emergency personnel were invited to share their stories.

EDITORIAL: Remembering 9/11

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  1. When the calendar for academic year 2016-17 is being prepared the Monday CHpael Service nearest 9/11 2016 should be dedicated to the remembrance of the 9/11 terrorist attack.

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