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Whitney and Zbrzeznj tie the knot

whitney-zNewlywed Malvern faculty members Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Whitney explain their journey.

Ms. Pam Zbrzeznj, social studies teacher, became Mrs. Pam Whitney on September 19, 2015. She and Mr. Kevin Whitney, Dean of Faculty Coaching and Development, were the second couple to ever get married on the Malvern Prep campus.

The couple first met at Malvern. The former Ms. Z joined the teaching staff in April of 2013 after the departure of a ninth grade social studies teacher. At the suggestion of a mutual friend, she introduced herself to Mr. Whitney. They quickly became friends and the relationship took off from there.

“It’s always a challenge when two people are in a romantic relationship at the same workplace,” said Mr. Whitney. “You have to use good judgement and be responsible. The last thing I [wanted] to do was jeopardize responsible modeling [for the students].”

Responsibility and professionalism were very important to the two. Before they could begin dating, they had to check the policy to make sure it was allowed.

“I love my job,” said Mrs. Whitney. “It is very important to me and I did not want to hurt it.”

In the workplace, the couple had to be very professional. All interaction had to take place outside of school hours and off of school property.

On Saturday, January 29, 2015, Mr. Whitney proposed. Former Ms. Z said yes.

The couple chose Malvern’s chapel as the place of their ceremony.

“Malvern is really special to me. It’s where we first met and where I’ve really grown spiritually and personally,” Mr. Whitney said. “We love the campus and Malvern just got relicensed to marry and the fall sports had a weekend off, so it all just came together.”

“The kids all thought for the longest time that I was dating [former teacher] Mr. Pison, but when they found out I wasn’t, everything really changed and everyone got really excited,” Mrs. Whitney said. “They all kept asking me when the big day was going to be, and obviously I was very happy.”

“Malvern teachers and students, especially the teachers, have been very supportive. The teachers came together and threw us a little party and I think that really helped bring people together in the community,” Mr. Whitney said.

Over 20 members of the faculty attended the wedding with their spouses.

“It’s funny when people joke with us,” Mr. Whitney said. “They tell [my wife], couldn’t you have married someone higher up in the alphabet!”

“It’s been awesome. Some of my favorite moments have been when Ms. Z has come into the Learning Commons, and now I hear [students] say, ‘Hi Mrs. Whitney,’” Mr. Whitney said. “It’s different, and really cool, really cool to hear that.”


CORRECTION: The print version of this story indicated that the date of the wedding was September 20. The actual date was September 19.

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