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Malvern adapts to life with Schoology

Teachers and students share their thoughts on Malvern’s switch to Schoology.

This school year brought about Schoology, a new online learning management system for teachers and students, replacing MyBackpack. It has been over three months and people have began to form opinions. Here are some opinions from members of the Malvern community.

scottSandersSchoologyScott Sanders ’18
What do you think of Schoology?
I personally dislike it, in that Backpack was a lot easier than Schoology. All Schoology ever does is send you notifications.
Schoology or Backpack?
Backpack. Bring back Backpack.


danKingSchoologyDan King ’19
What do you think of Schoology?
I think [with] Schoology the assignments are easier to see. Grades are a lot harder to see.
Schoology or Backpack?
Backpack, because that’s what I’m used to.


ReberAlex Reber ’17
What do you think of Schoology?
I think Schoology is alright. It helps me a lot getting to know my grades and my percentage and everything. It is kind of hard to decipher, but it is working out pretty well.
Schoology or Backpack?
I would like to go back to Backpack. It was a lot more simple. I was kind of used to it.

zachWhiteSchoologyZach White ’16
What do you think of Schoology?
I think Schoology is pretty good, but Backpack is a lot better. It was a lot easier to use, and I just feel like I did better when I was on Backpack.
Schoology or Backpack?
Honestly I think that Backpack was the best thing ever.


MillerMr. Eric Miller
What do you think of Schoology?
There are some good things and bad things about Schoology. I have a lot of success communicating with students and parents through Schoology. I like the gradebook feature and the updates I can get. The only thing that I am struggling with now is that my second quarter classes cannot be uploaded into the system. It has some great features, but If I can’t use them for those three main classes it is going to be a problem.
Schoology or Backpack?
Personally I didn’t like Backpack a whole lot. I never really used it to its fullest capabilities, I didn’t try either. I am all right with the Schoology. I have done online quizzes and things like that. They are easy to set up and easy to manage, but if my classes don’t get set up that does not matter.

QuinnMr. Kevin Quinn
What do you think of Schoology?
As a whole I like it as a learning management system. There’s a lot that are out in the market. I have had a chance to use a few. Backpack was not a learning management system it was more of a digital gradebook. Schoology is a bit more put together than some of the other options. I like that it is a little bit more dynamic, a little bit more intuitive to use, but it’s certainly not perfect. As a whole it is a good option for a learning management system.
Schoology or Backpack
Schoology, hands down.

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