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Winter is here, and so is Winterfest

Malvern Prep’s semi-formal dance, Winterfest, returns for its second year.

Winterfest FlyerLast year, Student Council decided that Malvern needed an event other than Homecoming to bring the entire student body together. In that spirit, Winterfest was born. This year, Winterfest comes back, potentially marking the start of a new tradition.

Winterfest is a semi-formal dance like Homecoming. Students will be able to bring a date with them to the dance. This year’s dance will be held on January 30 at 7 p.m. It is meant to act as “Homecoming Part 2”.

However, unlike with the Homecoming dance, Winterfest will be held in Stewart Hall rather than the O’Neill Center. Stewart Hall will be transformed into a winter theme with lights, snowflakes, and snowmen decorated all over the space.

Tickets for Winterfest are now $25 per couple, only available for purchase online on the Malvern Prep website. The price was reduced from the original $30 cost after students were unhappy with how expensive they are, according to Student Council President Alex Freud. Tickets will be sold until Wednesday, January 27.

While the event is less than one week away, who will DJ the event is unknown. Student Council is also trying to persuade sophomore Des Papariello, who DJed at homecoming, to be the DJ at Winterfest.

Junior Student Council Representative Ryan Franks said, “[Last year’s participation] was not as high as it could have been. It was last minute due to being advertised during Thanksgiving break.”

Though many students’ expectations for the first ever Winterfest were not very high, many still had a positive experience. “I had a fun time [at Winterfest],” junior Mike Mingey said. “Not going to lie, it was pretty lit.”

This year, student council plans to increase student participation through increased advertisements. Winterfest was officially announced by the student council on January 13. Since then, flyers for the event have been seen all over campus.

The student body is preparing for Winterfest in high spirits.

“I’m super excited for Winterfest this year. It’s not even funny,” sophomore Sam Sweeney said. “It is going to be a good time.”

“[Once we] make it an annual event, more and more people will come out every year,” Franks said. “It’ll pick itself up naturally and we anticipate it to become a tradition.”

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