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Class of 2017 delivers Student Council campaign speeches

Amidst the American Presidential Primaries, Malvern’s students offered election speeches of their own on Thursday, March 3. Juniors running for Student Council office spoke about why they thought they should hold office next year.

Upper School freshmen, sophomores, and juniors met in the Duffy Center for the event, while the seniors met in Stewart to review graduation procedures.

Presidential candidates included Ryan Franks, Jack Pettit, Rich Heany, and Alex Reber. Justin Titchnell and Marc Nowlan each ran unopposed for Events Chair and Secretary, respectively.

The presidential candidate who wins the most votes will be named Student Council President, and the runner-up candidate will be named Vice President, according to the Student Council moderators Dr. Joan D’Lugos and Mr. Kevin Moore.

Moore introduced the assembly with a prayer, and current Student Council President Alex Freud introduced each candidate.

Election day is Monday, March 7. Students can vote either in room 206 during Community Time or in Stuart Hall during third period. Any student who will be absent on Monday can cast an absentee ballott by contacting Dr. D’Lugos or Mr. Moore. No votes will be accepted after 1:15 PM on Monday.

If you can’t decide whom to vote for or just want relive the moment, check out our playlist here.

Mr. Moore and Alex Freud introduce candidates:

Justin Titchnell, Unopposed Candidate for Events Chair:

Marc Nowlan, Unopposed Candidate for Secretary:

Ryan Franks, Candidate for Student Council President:

Jack Pettit, Candidate for Student Council President:

Rich Heany, Candidate for Student Council President:

Alex Reber, Candidate for Student Council President:






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