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Book Review: The Rule of Three by Eric Walters

The story of a somewhat apocalyptic world without any working computers.

Sixteen-year old Adam Daley’s life was that of a normal high school student until the fateful day when a massive power outage destroyed virtually all modern technology.

Adam and his best friend Todd were doing work at school, like any other day, when everything around them began to shut down. At first everyone thought it might be a normal power outage, but, as they soon realized, this was no normal power outage.

The shutdown caused everything with computers to fry, including many cars, phones, laptops, and many other things that were essential to modern living.

Adam is somewhat paranoid and scared because of the whole situation. People start going mad, becoming more and more ruthless as the days pass without power. Adam realizes that things must change if he is to survive in his new ever-changing world.

His neighbor, a suspected former CIA agent named Herb, realizes the horrible situation quicker than anyone, collecting stockpiles of emergency supplies as soon as he could. As the situation gets worse and worse, Herb plans with Adam’s mother, an experienced police officer, to make their neighborhood of Eden Mills into a place that can survive in the dangerous times.

Adam, his mother, and Herb move through the uncertain present knowing only one thing, that the best way to survive is to band together and rely on one another.

If you like thrilling stories filled with dangerous moments, hardship, and the strength of human resilience, then The Rule of Three is perfect for you. I encourage you to try it sometime because it is a very enjoyable read.

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