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Five juniors awarded annual scholarships

Scholarships awarded for commitment to Malvern and community.

On May 16, five Malvern juniors were presented with scholarships at Monday morning chapel.

This year’s junior scholarship winners were Tyler Pizzico, Ryan Franks, Nate Albergo, Daniel Sullivan, and Adam Yablonski.

The assembly started off with Juniors Zach Maher and Gabe Canzanese reading an excerpt from the Confessions of Augustine and the Gospel.

Next, Malvern President Fr. Jim Flynn spoke about receiving awards. He said that Christians receive awards with honor and humbleness. They do not brag or tell everyone about it. They are happy with their award, and that is what matters.

The first award was the Michael P. Walsh ’59 Scholarship and Achievement Award. This scholarship is given in memory of Michael ’59 and Brian Walsh ’63. The Walsh Family chose Adam Yablonski as the recipient this year.

According to Mr. Algeo, Adam is “extremely diligent academically and is a huge family man.”

Next was the Norman and Dorothy McMahon Award. This award is given to a junior who especially has shown love to Malvern and commitment to both his family and Malvern. This year’s recipient was Tyler Pizzico.

“He has always been a positive kid and an extremely hard worker. On top of everything else, he is loyal to Malvern and his family,” Algeo said.

After that was The Eleanor “Bunky” Mullray Scholarship which is given to a junior who gives a lot to his community and his family. Nate Albergo was this year’s recipient.

“He has more than 160 hours of internship services as well as a huge involvement in Empty Bowls. Nate is an extremely smart and hard worker,” Algeo said.

The fourth award given was the Thomas F. Swift ’78 Award. This award is given to a junior who is extremely involved in Malvern and very diligent. Ryan Franks was presented with the award this year.

“He has done a lot here at Malvern and is a very diligent worker. He is well respected and honored with this award.” Algeo said.

The final award, the Basil B. Sullivan ‘51 Scholarship, is given in honor of Basil Sullivan, a former American History teacher and beloved friend to many alumni. Daniel Sullivan received this award.

“He has demonstrated a huge involvement athletically and has academic merit. He is extremely loyal to Malvern and is roud to obtain this scholarship,” Algeo said

The assembly ended with a prayer led by Fr. Flynn in honor of the recipients and all of the Malvern Community.

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