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Letter to the Editor: Captain Robert W. Boyce

Editorial Board of the BFC,

I take exception to saying Theology is archaic. I also agree that the teaching of Theology can take on modern formats and reflect the 21st Century teachings of the Catholic Church.

This said and recognizing that Malvern is not a seminary I believe the student should leave Malvern with a clear understanding of the Catholic Church, its teachings on morality, social justice, and of course the sacraments and the essence of our Faith.

How it is taught can always move with the times. Use of technology to present historic relevance, modern current events, and comparative religion studies make up the compendium of the 8 semesters of Theology.

It is essential that the Catholic viewpoint be understood and when necessary the counter arguments of other faiths or non-faiths be introduced so that the Malvern student is ready to face the challenges of 21st Century Catholicism in a world without ethics and morality.

Captain Robert W. Boyce

[See “Theology is archaic, but the approach doesn’t have to be.”]

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