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Mr. Kevin Whitney

Faculty leader’s departure is bittersweet.


Dean of Faculty Coaching and Development Mr. Kevin Whitney, who has taught at Malvern for the past thirteen years, will be leaving for a new role at LaSalle College High School after this school year.

Mr. Whitney has been a part of Malvern’s community since August of 2003.

“It was around 2002 that I realized I really wanted to get into teaching,“ Mr. Whitney said. “I got my first job at West Catholic High School as a computer science teacher and I loved it. Then that summer, I saw an advertisement for Malvern Prep, interviewed for the job, and I got it.”

Whitney has held many titles at Malvern including the Assistant Dean of Students, the Dean of Students, the Computer Science Department Chair, and the Dean of Faculty Coaching and Development.

“When big opportunities presented themselves, I certainly had to earn those things,” he said. “But Father Flynn, Mr. Jim Stewart, Mr. Leo Kindon, and Mr. Steve Valyo gave me those opportunities and I am really thankful for that.”

“They have all taught me something different,” Whitney said. “They have taught me how to be a great role model, how to connect with God, how to connect with the students, and how to be a great teacher and the things needed for a great classroom.”

Among his many roles at Malvern, Whitney was also a coach.

“I have been a part of the Varsity football staff for about nine years, and I was the defensive coordinator for the Varsity team the last seven years,” Whitney said. “Some of my best memories with the students were winning some Inter-Ac titles and defeating St. Joe’s Prep.”

Whitney was a rector for six MECO retreats, and he loved sharing the experience with the students.

“MECO weekends are so refreshing and are a great way to connect with people. They are just awesome,” he said.

Whitney has shared so many experiences with Malvern’s faculty that he said it is hard to single out particular favorite moments. But he did have one standout memory.

“Obviously, one of my favorite moments at Malvern was meeting my wife,” he said. “I met Mrs. Whitney [Ms. Pam Zbrzeznj] here in April of 2013, and last September, we married in Malvern’s Chapel.”

How does Mrs. Whitney feel about her husband leaving for LaSalle?

“I think it is bittersweet,” the freshman history teacher and Middle School swimming and track coach said. “Malvern means a lot to Mr. Whitney, a place that consumed thirteen years of his life.”

Education Services Administrator Mrs. Diane Dougherty, who manages the Learning Commons, said she has learned everything she knows about Malvern from Mr. Whitney.

“Mr. Whitney is extremely caring and he is funny,” Mrs. Dougherty said. “He loves Malvern, and he loves everybody. He is an advocate and a great coach.”

Whitney has learned something from everybody, and he is proud of that. He said will miss Malvern and its community of students, teachers, faculty, and Augustinians.

“I feel like I am losing a part of my soul, and not a day will go by that I will not miss the people here,” Whitney said.

“Husband or not, everyone can agree that he is a major part of what Malvern stands for and brings that to work everyday and shares it with those around him,” Mrs. Whitney said. “His leaving is a major loss for the school and community.”

At LaSalle, Mr. Whitney will be the Vice Principal for Academic Affairs. He compared his new role to Head of Upper School Mr. Ron Algeo’s role at Malvern.

“I never thought I would leave Malvern, but as I have gotten older and my career goals have gotten bigger, taking the job at LaSalle was the best thing for my career,” he said. “I am hoping to make a home there.”

Despite leaving after this school year, Whitney plans to remain involved with Malvern.

“My wife and friends will still be here. Count on me being at Malvern football games this fall, helping out with a service trip, or chaperoning the Prom,” he said.

Whitney is forever thankful to Malvern for all it has given him.

“Who I am now as a person, my connection with God, my wife, and my friends are all because of Malvern,” he said. “I may have worked here and I may have influenced students but Malvern had a much greater impact on me.”

Whitney plans to continue his career in school leadership.

“Thirteen years ago, all I wanted to be was a teacher and a coach. As opportunities presented themselves and as I had success with them, I wanted more,” he said.

But if the opportunity to lead a school does not emerge, then Whitney said he will be “just fine being a teacher and a coach.”

“We will see,” Whitney said.

About Garrett Hallinan

Garrett is a sophomore and began writing for the Blackfriar Chronicle since his freshman year. He plays golf and intramural basketball for Malvern, and he sings in Malvern’s Men Chorus.

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