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Playing multiple sports common for Friars

Many coaches at Malvern want their athletes to be doing many different sports, and many students enjoy being on multiple teams

Malvern’s football team has a rigorous schedule that becomes even more intense when team practice is allowed by the Inter-Ac. They have workouts in the spring, practices start in the summer, which lead to three-a-days, and by the time the fall season begins, the team is in midseason form.

All of this might be concerning to someone who enjoys playing multiple sports. However, at Malvern, coaches encourage playing in a variety of athletics.

One of these coaches is Head Football Coach, Aaron Brady.

“High school is about experiences. I believe that during high school you should get involved in everything possible,” Brady said.

“Playing multiple sports allows you to have more camaraderie with other teammates, as well as it keeps you in better shape to be an all around athlete,” Brady said. “There is a value that make our football team better if our players are competing for Malvern Prep teams in other sports.”

Sophomore Billy Corcoran, a baseball commit to the University of Pittsburgh, still decided to play basketball at Malvern after he made his commitment.

“I play basketball because I love the game,” Corcoran said. “I have always enjoyed playing baseball and basketball since I was a kid and I like being a part of multiple teams.”

Malvern’s coaches have to wait for their players until their previous season ends.

“In the winter and spring, your sport takes precedence over anything that we may do for football,” Brady said. “In the summer, we work with our multiple sport athletes to make it all work. We expect that a three sport athlete will need to do all three over the summer.”

Junior Zach Fernandez is a player for both the football and lacrosse teams.

“I find it fairly easy to balance my time between football, lacrosse, and school,” Fernandez said. “I like that the coaches at Malvern allow me to play in different sports and understand when I am in one season versus the other.”

Fernandez enjoys not only the act of playing multiple sports, but the different team atmospheres that comes with it.

“I like that I get to be on two different teams with some of the same and some different people,” Fernandez said. “Playing multiple sports lets me build friendships that I probably wouldn’t have if I just played one sport.”

Brady also recommended playing multiple sports because more memories can be made.

“Playing in multiple sports gives you more experiences than playing in one sport year round. These experiences will be memories for life — whether you are a starter or never play — you are still part of a family,” Brady said.

“These memories will be cherished later, and ten years from now no one remembers how much you played. More importantly, they remember that you were a part of it,” he said.

About Eric McLaughlin

Eric is currently a junior at Malvern. He has been on the BFC since his freshman year. Eric was a reporter for his first two years at Malvern and is now the social media editor for the paper. He also plays golf for Malvern and participates in many other clubs at school. Eric lives in Media, Pa with his parents and 2 other siblings.

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