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Trailer Review: Doctor Strange

The Sorcerer Supreme hits the silver screen.

Doctor Strange is the most hyped under the radar movie imaginable. Notable actor: check. Notable company: check. But most people will be asking: ‘Dr. Who?’

Dr Strange is a pretty major player in the Marvel Universe. He is among the most powerful figures but his villains are very obscure. That’s why we see Stephen Strange teaming up with other heroes most of the time.

This movie has gotten a lot of attention since it was announce Benedict Cumberbatch would be tackling the lead.

The villain in Doctor Strange is Baron Mordo, who is related to Hydra. This is an infinitely obscure character. I honestly expected the villain to be Dormammu or Nightmare because they have better powers, are more interesting and are unconventional because they exist in a different world.

This movie is already raising eyebrows with its use of white actors and actresses such as Tilda Swinton in typically East-Asian roles.

This trailer does not do Dr. Strange justice. It offers less than a glimpse into what will probably be a solid movie, as most Marvel products are.

I respect that the people behind this trailer try to show the backstory which a lot of people don’t know but what’s with the clichés?

This movie is fighting an uphill battle following Captain America: Civil War and using a largely unknown hero.

Overall I think Doctor Strange will be a good movie but I give the trailer a 3 out of 5. I don’t think it was bad at all and it was not amazing. But hey, those effects were incredible. Doctor Strange teleports into theaters November 4, 2016.

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