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“Suicide Squad” turns itself in

Although “Suicide Squad” was an okay film, there were a few issues that couldn’t be overlooked.


“Suicide Squad” is an okay movie if you have a few hours to spare on a rainy day. If you’re looking for something great, however, I would look elsewhere. It was on par with the previous DC movies, but worse than the standout Dark Knight Trilogy.

The plot of “Suicide Squad” is pretty simple. After Superman has supposedly died in Dawn of Justice, the US government decides it needs a fallback plan in case the next major super-powered person does not share the same values as Superman.

Amanda Waller, who leads up the operation, assembles a team of metahumans to combat any unnatural threats around the globe. One of the team’s members goes rogue, and the team must unite to defeat the defector.

“Suicide Squad” had all the resources to be great but the writing was what held it back in the end. Some of the characters were a little wishy-washy.

For example, Will Smith did an excellent job as Deadshot, but the writing held his character back. In the beginning of the movie, he said he would kill Rick Flag, but throughout the movie he was Flag’s staunchest protector. We are also told Deadshot is a cold-hearted killer, but he decides not to shoot Harley in exchange for everything he’s ever wanted.

Writing like this holds the movie back. Viola Davis did an excellent job of portraying Amanda Waller, but it was too easy to catch her towards the end of the movie. Killer Croc and Harley were well portrayed and played their part in the Squad.

However, Captain Boomerang’s character was not true to character. Boomerang must have thrown no more than three boomerangs throughout the entire movie, and his character was hard to read. When he first left the Squad initially, it makes sense. But when he returns almost immediately with no given explanation, it was hard to understand why he would return in the first place.

One character who was portrayed awesomely was El Diablo. He had internal conflict throughout the entire movie, had good character development, and played an awesome role in the ending.

Overall, “Suicide Squad” was an average movie with a better cast, but it suffered from poor writing. I’d give it three out of five Friars.

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