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Malvern rebranding logo, mascot

Malvern is working with a strategic branding agency to find unity and spirit with new athletic branding.

logosMalvern Prep is looking for a new look, but doesn’t want to stray too far from Malvern colors and traditions, according to Athletic Director Mr. Kurt Ruch, who is currently on a committee exploring options for a new logo and mascot design.

Malvern has teamed with the strategic brand company, Joe Bosack & Co., to help with redesigning the mascot and logo. The school hopes to find a logo that can be used all around the campus and a new mascot that represents the Friars.

The rebranding of the mascot and logo has not been given approval yet, according to Associate Director for Communications and Public Relations Mr. Jim Mack. Malvern Prep and the committee is still deciding whether or not they want to move forward with the full process.

Ruch said the school started the process last spring, and that if they proceed with the project, it will not be finished until next school year.

Malvern is trying to make sure their logo is consistent. Many of the sports teams are using different logos, whether it’s the “M”, the “MP” or even “Friars”. According to Mack, Malvern wants to come up with a logo that can be used on all the sports teams jerseys and equipment. Malvern is also looking for a mascot that will be unique to just them and give them their own identity.

According to Mack, when Malvern Prep was looking for a strategic brand agency to team with them for this project, they reached out to many companies. They narrowed their choices down to two agencies, who came in for interviews and to provide samples.

“We chose Joe Bosack based on our interview and their portfolio board,” Mack said. “Their group has done a lot of work with colleges and some prep schools.”

Joe Bosack & Co. is a company that designs logos and mascot for colleges, prep schools, and even professional sports teams. Joe Bosack has a great reputation for its well designed brand identities that represent their clients well, according to Ruch. The agency is located right in Pottsville, PA, so it is conveniently close.

“I’m glad we are using someone who’s from fairly close in Pennsylvania, I think it’s important to support local businesses if you can,” Mack said.

Malvern has put together a faculty committee and two student focus groups for this project. The faculty committee is made up of Director of Retail Operations Mrs. Nancy Gustitis, Mack, Ruch, Director of Student Life Dr. James Fry, and Director of Strategic Initiatives Mrs. Carrie Snyder.

“We just tried to pick people from different parts of the school to represent key areas relative to branding,” Mr. Mack said.

One focus group of students that met included seniors Raymond Baran, Jerry Curran, Kieran Cullen, and Isaac Salinas, and juniors Jordan Donaghy and O’Shaan Allison. The other focus group of students that met included seniors Alex Reber, Tommy Pero, Nick Li, Matt Daller, Ryan Franks, Ryan Sutton, and John Sudjan, and junior Jack Magargee.

According to Mack, Malvern Prep is starting first with a logo, and from the logo they create, a mascot will be made. Malvern Prep is looking for a logo that will represent them and the Augustinian values. They are not sure of what it is going to look like yet.

Malvern currently does not have a consistent image to represent their mascot. Malvern hopes to come up with one based on the logo. They will also get a new mascot costume to replace the current Friar costume that is worn down and starting to fall apart, according to Ruch.

Malvern hopes to use the same logo for all the sports teams, according to Mack.

“All the sport’s teams have different designs and logos and it makes us look separated, but if we change that and make everything the same, it will in turn make the school and the athletic program look stronger,” senior Raymond Baran said.

Ruch, Mack, Baran, and Curran were all fairly positive about the potential plans.

“I feel like we need a new look,” Curran said.
Story produced in senior Journalism and Media Literacy elective class.

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