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Halloween Review: Donnie Darko

Halloween is the perfect time to watch scary movies; here is one of my alltime favorites.

donniedarkoNightmares, time travel, and a crazed bunny named Frank. What more can you want from a horror movie?

Imagine you only had 28 days to live, wake up on a golf course, and realize a plane engine has crashed into your bedroom. That’s exactly what happens to highschool student Donnie Darko.

Donnie recalls a dream he had that night of Frank the Bunny telling him he only had 28 days left to live. As Donnie comes to terms with his imminent death, his world becomes crazier and crazier until it collapses upon itself.

“Donnie Darko” is a wonderfully put together film. The film is made to look like it was made in the 1980s to reflect the time in which the story takes place. Scenes build up tension and are genuinely scary enough so that the movie rarely has to resort to jumpscares. But even the occasional jump scare is done very well.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie is the auditorium scene where very little scary actions are taking place. The music gives off this uncomfortable vibe that goes hand in hand with the shaky camera used in the scene. You can watch this scene without watching any other part of the movie and know that there is something very wrong happening in the scene.

The soundtrack in this movie is amazing. People sometimes forget that the audio in your movie is just as important as the visuals. Each song has a purpose for being used, and goes hand in hand with the scene it’s in. “Donnie Darko” is a good example of how audio and visuals together can send a message. Both of these elements go together to make you feel anxious and tense.

In a word, the movie makes me feel uncomfortable. Instead of being scared most of the time, which I definitely was at points, “Donnie Darko” made me feel like something was wrong and genuinely got me curious on how it would wrap up, but the ending is kind of a weak part of the movie.

Everything in the movie builds up to the final scene and without giving to much away you will be very confused watching it for the first time. There is no way you would understand the ending without watching the movie several times or just looking it up.

In the end, “Donnie Darko” is not just a good horror movie, but a good movie all together. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good horror movie this halloween.

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