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New schedule brings new middle school Experiential Block

Revised Experiential Block is substantial change from last year’s format.



This year, middle schoolers can choose what they do in their Experiential Block each day. Last year, students would only choose two different classes for the year.

Experiential Block is a time when middle schoolers choose how to spend their time in. It can be used as a study hall or for different interests.

Although Experiential Block gives students more choice and freedom, it has drawn mixed reviews among the students.

“I would prefer last year’s [Experiential Block] because we had a longer time and more days to work on projects and stuff for the school,” seventh grader Brendan Harrington said. “I was in Leadership and Service Committee last year, and we had a lot of time to work on projects and different things like Spirit Week and other stuff.”

Sixth grader Spencer Barnhart likes Experiential Block, as he said, “[Experiential Block] gives you a time to do your homework and have fun.”

“This [Experiential] Block is interesting, but I think the good thing about it is kind of like a good study hall period,” eighth grader Tommy Simpson said, “so you can study before your first class if you have a quiz, you can do homework if you forgot about it, or work on a group project.”

Unlike the different opinions on the change with the middle school student body, The Middle School Grade Deans have been unanimously supportive of the change.

Eighth Grade Dean Mr. Robert Buscaglia called the new block “a time for kids to have some choice, to plan out their day, and to set up their day and their week for success.”

“I think it’s a great opportunity for boys to get some extra study-time in, to learn some extra things besides their basic rosters, to get some free time with a teacher, to make sure he understands all the material,” 7th Grade Dean Mr. Leo Kindon said.

“I love it. I think it provides the students an opportunity to catch up on work, get work done, get ahead,” 6th Grade Dean Mr. Jamie Wasson said.

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