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TV Review: “Luke Cage”

Did the newest Netflix and Marvel baby live up to its older siblings’ hype?


Was there even hype around “Luke Cage?” Generally speaking, no.

“Luke Cage” is the third Marvel original TV show to be made for Netflix. Coming after “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones,” two of the highest rated shows on Netflix, the expectations were high.

I am NOT saying “Luke Cage” is bad. I am saying it is not as good as one might expect.

The things it got right were numerous shoutouts to the other shows and properties in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, an authentic Harlem feel, and an excellent conversion from comic to screen. That last one is rare, so it’s important.

The costumes in “Luke Cage” were next level awesome. Most characters in the show are from the Silver Age of comics, which means their costumes on the page are flamboyant, to say the least. Somehow they found a way to take Cottonmouth’s midnight green costume and make it seem realistic in more than one shot. I also absolutely loved the appearances made by Luke Cage’s original yellow suit and Diamondback’s snake-suit.

The shot for shot remake of Luke getting his powers is nothing short of a work of art.

It’s important to know that this show is number three out of four Marvel shows on Netflix that are leading up to one huge joint show: “The Defenders.”

Basically, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist (show coming 2017) will be teaming up in one show in the near future, kind of like a small scale “Avengers.”

“Luke Cage” had some glaring issues. Though the fight scenes were great, they all showcased the same abilities over and over. I think Luke crushed five guns with his bare hands through the course of the show. It was cool once, but five times? Seriously?

Also, the plot was not even in the same universe as “Jessica Jones” or season two of “Daredevil.” It was average, but it should have been extraordinary. For example, the many twists involving the villains were predictable unlike the other shows, where you’re kept on your toes for episodes at a time.

One thing that got me mad was that ONLY the Night Nurse showed up. You knew she was coming from the beginning because she is in everything now, but honestly, do you expect me to believe that no other hero or Marvel character would show up with all the crazy stuff that went down in Harlem?

I’d give the show a 7/10 rating because it put an emphasis on comic book authenticity, which is a bold move. It played it’s role in introducing Luke Cage to the world. The disappointing effect this show had on me has got me real worried for Iron Fist. But I’m confident seeing “Game of Thrones’” Finn Jones as a superhero would be enough to make me satisfied when it comes out on March 17, 2017.


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