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Mr. Christian Talbot, Head of School

“The election made me think of two questions. One is since basically half the country voted one way, the other half voted the other way, in terms of overall popular vote not electoral college. So the first question that occurs to me is in such a polarizing election, are people on one side asking why people on the other side vote that way? Are they really genuinely curious about why you voted for Hillary Clinton, or curious about why people voted for Trump? 

The night of the election, we were watching on CNN and every hour on the hour, polls closing, there’s like the big flashing thing and results were coming in. I thought it’s almost like this was a game. Like we’re getting a score – like – an updates score. And it was almost like you were watching the game happen in real time, but the truth is you were seeing lagging indicators; people had voted long before the “score” came in.

And then I thought actually, it would be really interesting for students to explore this question: What point is a presidential election actually decided? Is it literally the moment the ballots are cast? Does it happen the week leading up to it? Is it something that is really between the two final candidates? Is it decided by the fact we have a two party system and that sort of artificially narrows? I think there are so many different ways to explore that question that may lead to, I like to think, a more fruitful election in 2020.”

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“My feelings are a little bit of shock and honestly a little bit of fear. There was one candidate who really jeopardized some of the rights and freedoms that particular groups within our country are going to have, and for me prioritizing that above everything else is kind of why I’m a little bit shocked our country would go that route. I didn’t like how either one of them ran their campaigns. Speaking particularly to that I think that one of the things the Clinton campaign will look back on is they focused so much on how people were going to interpret the email scandal. so they didn’t do a lot of talking about that other than saying, ‘look at what Trump said.’”

Alex MacLachlan ’18

“I am very happy with the result. I felt that Trump was going to win from the beginning. I was confident in him and never thought negatively about his chances. Hillary scared me a bit in the beginning but it all worked out in the end in Trump’s favor. I had hope in Trump because I am a Republican and he was our nominee, but mostly I’m just a big fan of Donald Trump and his policies. Make America great again!”

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