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Luke Gabriele ’17

“It was an hour long wait to get inside the building to get to the polls. People were definitely antsy, excited, and revved up. It was very organized, however, very crowded.

I was very surprised at the election results. I never expected Trump to come out with the win.

Personally, I am pretty relieved. I think it is an awesome step for our country. I think that if you are scared, don’t be. I think if you are angry, don’t be. We are all on the same plane essentially. If you want Trump to fail, then you are basically asking the pilot to crash the plane you are on. We are all in this together at this point.”

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Alex MacLachlan ’18

“I am very happy with the result. I felt that Trump was going to win from the beginning. I was confident in him and never thought negatively about his chances. Hillary scared me a bit in the beginning but it all worked out in the end in Trump’s favor. I had hope in Trump because I am a Republican and he was our nominee, but mostly I’m just a big fan of Donald Trump and his policies. Make America great again!”

Stephen Fratamico ’19

"[The future with Trump as president] is going to be very chaotic. There’s going to be turmoil, I think; especially for people who feel marginalized and disenfranchised."

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