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Four rules for regifting


You don’t want to be that guy this holiday season.

It’s December 24th, and you still haven’t bought any gifts yet. If you’re caught in this situation, or if you have a gift from last year that’s still in the box, regifting is your last resort. Here are some rules to do it right.

Make sure the gift is not something you want to keep

If you are trying to clean out your house and think “why not just regift some of my stuff”, make sure you don’t want to keep it. If your sister bought you a comfy new blanket last year and you pawn it off to a friend and later down the road you want it back? Too bad! You got rid of it and it’s your fault you didn’t keep it

Don’t regift something that was given to you by someone to that someone

Nothing is a bigger “I don’t care about you” than when your girlfriend buys you a hat for Christmas, and next year you turn right around and give it back to her. This shows you don’t care about their feelings whatsoever and frankly even I’m a little disappointed in you.

Make sure the regift is not homemade

If your Grandma, or your little sister makes you something for Christmas, it’s most likely going to have your name on it. The last thing you need, is for Grandma to make you a sweater with “Greg” written on it and you pass it on to to you sister Meghan.

Never regift

Really, if you’re reading this column for advice on how to regift, you already are that guy during the holidays.


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