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iPhone 7 gets mixed reviews

The iPhone 7 is on shelves, but what does Malvern think?

The long-awaited iteration of the Apple iPhone lineup was available for purchase on September 16.

The phone features an improved processor, storage options, camera, display, and also water resistance. The 3.5 mm headphone jack has also been removed, but an adapter is included.

Malvern’s reactions to the new iPhone have been mixed.

Head of School Mr. Christian Talbot has the iPhone 6S Plus, and has no plans to upgrade to the iPhone 7.  “The phone I have now does more than I can get it to do,” he said. “It does so much more than I need it to do. I don’t have the need to upgrade.”

Theology teacher Mr. Drew Zagursky currently has the iPhone 6 Plus. He said he was disappointed by the iPhone 7. “I feel like the little bit of improvement and enhancements that were made would have been much better served if they didn’t have such a big spectacle around this event that Apple puts on every year,” he said. “There really were such minor modifications made that I was expecting more.”

Zagursky thinks he will update his phone soon, but does not expect to update to the 7. “I will probably get the 6s, as I currently like my phone and I would like to save a bit of money,” he said.

Freshman Jake Kroger currently has the iPhone 7. Kroger said that the iPhone 7 was an improvement compared to the previous iPhones. “The speaker is better, and it is a little more waterproof,” he said. “I also like how the home button is a little different – it doesn’t touch in all the way, it just gives you a little vibrate back.

Kroger also thinks the camera is an improvement. According to Apple’s specifications on the iPhone 7 Plus, there is a dual-lens camera system, with the regular wide-angle lens that appears on the iPhone 7, and a telephoto lens that allows x2 optical zoom and shallow depth of field “portrait” shots. The wide-angle lens that appears on both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus features a six-element lens, optical image stabilization, and wide-color capture.

However, Kroger feels  that the removal of the headphone jack negatively affects the phone’s usage. “I use my headphones kind of a lot, so I think it is a little harder if I want to listen to music and charge my phone,” he said.

Neither Talbot nor Zagursky use headphones often, so they did not feel that the absence of the 3.5 mm headphone jack would impact them.

While the iPhone 7 isn’t seen as necessary by some of Malvern’s community, it is still a very capable phone, and a great flagship. Future will tell how competitors fight back to gain ground in the smartphone market.


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