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Ode to the Nog


It’s that time of year to sit back and show some love to everyone’s favorite seasonal beverage.

You might read this title and ask: “Jack, aren’t you scraping the bottom of the barrel here?” And to that I would reply: “Absolutely.”

I’ve only had sixteen Christmases, so how many stories did you think I had?

Now that that’s settled, time to get onto the fun stuff.

Christmas. Santa. Nativity. Elves. Reindeer. Snow. Eggnog.

All are universally loved and accepted parts of the winter season and to me, the highlight is easily eggnog, epitome of a seasonal beverage. If you think for a second that apple cider is, I kindly ask you to stop reading. This column is written by nog fanatics for nog fanatics exclusively.

Spending time with family is cool and all but there’s something special about that nog.

Personally, the texture does it for me. The consistency of a milkshake mixed with the fluidity of milk is the reason why it’s number one.

That’s not to put the taste on the back burner. I’ll admit the taste is sometimes not up to par or at least my standards but it is still iconic.

A quick note about the taste: eggnog is great but eggnog flavored things are not great.

Most kids count down to December 25th, the day they crack open their presents. I count down to December 24th, the day I crack open the carton of eggnog. Also much like those kids, I might sneak a look or two before the big day.

Eggnog is a massive part of my Christmas and even my year. Wow, I just said eggnog is a massive part of my year, please don’t judge me. I’m just a big eggnog fan, I swear that and accordion are the only two weird things about me.

If you haven’t had eggnog before, obviously, I would recommend that you give it a taste. After you taste it, remember to share it with your family because that’s what Christmas is about or whatever (it isn’t).

Merry Christmas and please please please don’t hog the nog.

About Jack Magargee

Jack is a junior and has been involved with the BFC since he was a freshman. He joined the editorial board as a freshman and was Media and Tech editor for his sophomore year. He is currently the Managing Web Editor along with participating in MTS and Mathletes.

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