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Sean Christman’s late college switch

Malvern Prep senior Sean Christman makes a late life changing decision on where he wants to attend college.

Senior Sean Christman has been playing varsity lacrosse since sophomore year as a faceoff man. He accepted a Division 1 lacrosse offer from Fairfield University in the beginning of his Junior year of high school. Later, in his senior year, Christman switched from Fairfield to Boston University.

Decommitting is a stressful process, according to Christman. This was a big change for him, a change that could definitely affect his future in a positive way.

Fairfield University was the first school that made Christman an offer, and he jumped right on it. Christman said he was drawn to Fairfield because he really liked the coach, it has a good business school, they have a lot of Malvern guys involved in their program, and he was offered some academic money, so he could help out his parents.

“I’ve always wanted to play Division 1 lacrosse and at the time it seemed like that was going to be my only opportunity to do that,” Christman said.

Christman happily accepted the offer from Fairfield and was set on playing there after high school.

This all changed senior year when he received interests from other D1 lacrosse programs. He got a call in October of his senior year from the coach at Boston University. They offered him a spot on the team and some scholarship money to go along with it.

“When I got the offer from BU, it was two days after I submitted my application to Fairfield,” Christman said. He had to call admissions and tell them to pull his application.

Christman also had to call the Fairfield coach to let him know about his decision. “It was a very difficult conversation to have because I like him a lot,” Christman said. “He’s a really good guy and I felt like I was letting him down.”

The same week, Christman applied early decision to Boston University. He is very happy about his decision on committing to Boston. “I couldn’t turn that down, it was a very good academic opportunity for me to go to their business school,” Christman said.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Boston University’s undergraduate business school is ranked 29th in the nation for 2016.

Christman’s parents were very supportive in the long and stressful recruiting process. “They were ready to support me either way, whatever I decided to do, so at the end of the day it was really my decision,” Christman said.

His parents were excited for the opportunity he had for Boston University, but they also would have been happy for him if he stayed at Fairfield.

Christman said he went through a lot of stress with the whole process of decommitting and would not recommend to people doing what he did.

“If you have the luxury of looking at a lot of different schools make sure you really take the time to make the right decisions and don’t rush into anything,” he said.

Christman is excited to play for a team that’s up and coming. According to the NCAA RPI ranking, Boston University is 34th in the nation for 2016. This is much improvement from their 41st in the nation RPI ranking in 2015.

He is really happy with his decision, and could not be more excited about what college lacrosse has in store for him.

“At the end of the day, I think BU is the best fit for me in every aspect of my college experience.”

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