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Westworld: What exactly is it?

A popular new TV that has already captivated and enthralled many viewers.

Christmas Break is coming up, and everyone is looking for that new TV show to binge watch instead of doing their homework over break. Westworld might be the show for you.

Westworld is a TV show that has action, thrills, a bit of comedy, and, the best thing, an incredible plot. It has 10 episodes in this season, which ended on December 4th. The cast includes Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris, James Marsden and many more great actors and actresses.

When I first sat down to watch the first episode, I was immediately hooked and watched the first 3 episodes all in one sitting. Sadly, I started watching it a few weeks after it had begun on October 2, 2016 so I already heard a few plot twists and spoilers.

The main plot story in Westworld is many rich and wealthy people go on vacation in a world where they are capable of doing whatever they want without any serious repercussions. They almost can write their own story and can command the robots, who look exactly like humans and are called hosts, to do their bidding. The only problem is the humanoid robots in the park do not realize they are robots and after they die they forget everything that had previously happened.

The main character you spend a lot of time with is Dolores, who seems like an innocent robot at first, but as the story progresses, her character gains depth and remembers a little bit here and there of her past. She was one of the first robots made by Arnold and Dr. Ford in the park.

Dolores spends a good amount of time with a guest known as William. She and William go on an adventure throughout the park to figure out why she is starting to be self aware. Dolores ends up being the key to the whole story at the very end, or finding the maze, as a character first known as the man with the black hat is obsessed with.

The original two creators of the park were Arnold, who is the most mysterious character in the whole series until the very end, and Dr. Ford, who still is in charge of the park. Dr. Ford is nearing the end of his career at the park, but he still has control over all of the “hosts.” he considers the hosts as old friends and acquaintances, even family depending on the individual host.

Initially, the first few episodes were already great, filled will different and entangling story lines. Once the I reached the final few episodes, my mind was shattered by the unexpected events that occurred that changed my thoughts on what was going to happen. If you asked me what the ending was going to be at the very beginning, I would have been so far off. I would recommend this to anyone who loves action, suspense, and even comedy.

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