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State of the Studco

With January being a stagnant month, Student Council is planning ahead with ideas and activities.


After a fairly busy month of December, Student Council President Rich Heany and the rest of the Student Council are looking ahead to activities for February and beyond.

Heany said that January is a slower month than most because of getting back into the swing of things after break.

One exciting thing occurring this month, however, is Family Feud Night, which will be February 10 after being postponed from its original date Friday, January 27.

According to an email sent by Dr. Dlugos that Friday will now be an activity schedule and the event will take place from 9:10 to 10:10.

“[Family Feud] is definitely exciting since it’s our first time doing it,” Heany said. “The only bad thing is that it [was scheduled] during March for Life. Other than that, it should be a good time.”

Regarding last month’s activities, such as the annual Christmas Dodgeball Tournament and Talent Show, as well as Christmas themed dress days, everything went as well as it could in Heany’s opinion.

“We didn’t get any feedback, and no feedback is always a good thing,” Heany said.

Heany was also proud of furnishing the new Senior Lounge, located in one of the locker rooms at the Dougherty Center.

“Seniors go there all the time now, so that was definitely a big success,” Heany said.

The Student Council has some ideas in the works for the fast approaching month of February and beyond.

“Right now we’re working on doing a halftime contest at [the basketball team’s] Senior Night on February 1st,” Heany said. “We were thinking a half-court shot competition, but I’m not entirely sure about that.”

“We also have FebruHairy coming up,” Heany said. “That should be fun to see everyone grow out their beards.”

“There is also another food drive coming up soon that I can’t remember the name of,” Heany added.

Be prepared for information from the Student Council about these upcoming events, as January is coming to a close very soon.

About Kyle Leonard

Kyle is a sophomore at Malvern, and has been involved with the Blackfriar Chronicle for two years. A resident of Malvern, PA, he is the Co-Friar Life Editor along with Mike Harrington. Outside of the paper, Kyle is a part of the winter track and baseball teams, MTS, and the Diversity Awareness Club. Kyle also plays piano, trumpet, and some guitar.

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