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Changes in Stewart Hall scale back overspending

Yes, that metal thing near the computer in the cafeteria is a scale. We have those now.

Even though it may seem like a small change, the addition of the scales to Stewart Hall this year is definitely weighing on some people’s minds.

Beginning in September, the cafeteria staff now uses scales at each cashier line to weigh foods like salad and yogurt.

Director of Food Services Mr. Tom Gray, said that the main purpose of the scales is to make sure students do not get overcharged for buying a small salad or other item.

Using the new scales, students now pay 25 cents per ounce of salad. Each student weighs his portion at the checkout.

Assistant to Director of Food and Beverages Mrs. Diane Kime supervises checkout in Stewart Hall daily. She appreciates the new scale system. “It works out very well,” she said.

Students have mixed feelings about the scales.

“Personally, I don’t buy anything that utilizes the scales,” freshman Paul Gleason said. “I never use the scales.”

Unlike Gleason, freshman Matthew Moules does use the scales. “I do use the scales, probably around once or twice a week.” he said. “Sometimes I will buy a salad or maybe some fruit.”

Moules said he preferred the previous method of pricing work by container size. “I like the cup size method better because sometimes the scales will hold up the line a little,” he said.

However, others have had no issues with the scales.

History teacher and varsity football coach Mr. Jeff Carroll uses the new scales regularly. “I think the scale makes complete sense,” he said. “I have not noticed the scales malfunction at all.”

Chef Mr. Richard Conley thinks the scales make the process of paying for food in Stewart more fair, overall. “You’re basically paying for what you get,” he said.

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