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VIDEO: Student Council hosts Family Feud assembly

Malvern’s student council hosted a recreation of the popular game show.
Head of the Upper School Mr. Ron Algeo and Student Council President Rich Heaney shared the role of host as eight teams of students and teachers competed for Wawa gift cards during an activities assembly on Friday, Feb. 10.

The rules had not changed much from what’s shown on television. Two teams compete to guess the top answers to different survey. Each team competed for two rounds, and the two top scoring teams faced off for a final round.

The winner from that round then had to guess the top answer to ten different questions to win the gift cards. The winner, Team Robinson, was not able to get the minimum of five right.

Student Council moderator Dr. Joan Dlugos believed the assembly went well.

“Just from the feedback I got from the audience, teachers, faculty and staff, and even students I feel it went very well,” she said.

She also would consider bringing it back next year.

“I would like to sit down with the student council about it because I don’t want to speak for them, but just as a first impression I felt it went very well and if the guys want to do it again I would support that,” Dlugos said.

VIDEO: Highlights from Family Feud

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