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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Congratulations to all

Dear Editors-

Roper_Richard79Many have spoken recently of how much they enjoy reading the newspaper not only for its diversity of stories, but also for the way they are written, and it is here that I will address my comment.

So often, students are encouraged to write for the newspaper, and the amount of training for the job gets lost in the effort to get as many pieces as possible for each edition.  I have been impressed with how careful these authors are to craft their stories through accepted and proper protocols.  Those protocols begin by a choice of subject, a “pitch,” research on the topic, careful interviews with appropriate parties, careful writing of the articles (usually with multiple edits by executive editors and moderator!).  The resulting quality has earned multiple accolades and awards in the past several years.

All should be congratulated for a job well done, with a look to the future to continue the fine work.

Mr. Roper

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