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Desmond Papariello ’18 signs with Garuda Music

From DJing at homecoming to playing drums, Papariello is Malvern’s music man.


Junior Desmond Papariello has loved music his entire life, but he never thought that one day he would have his songs on Spotify or make money from his music.

Papariello has used his talents to create his own music – music that is now being signed by Garuda Music, something that he has worked towards since his first experience with DJing.

“I think it’s something artists kind of always dream of, like, ‘oh wow,’ your record setting signed,” Papariello said. “Music has pretty much been part of my life since I was a kid, whether it was my parents playing it or making playlists on CDs.”

What Des is listening to right now

What Des is listening to right now

Although music has been a part of his life, Papariello didn’t start to make his own until middle school.

“I really started to get into playing music and making music in seventh grade after a middle school dance,” he said. “My brother had a few friends who were DJs and he brought me up on stage.”

After this experience Papariello began to make his own music and eventually started to play instruments such as the piano and guitar.

His father thinks that his son getting signed was less of a goal but more of a byproduct of his passion. “On days in the summer, it is not out of the ordinary for Desmond to spend ten to twelve hours working on music,” he said.

Papariello is also often seen in Duffy during break, community time, or any other opportunity he can. Students have noticed. Sophomore Evan Haines said, “I’ve never heard his music, it’s probably really good though because he works very hard at it. “

Desmond’s father may have had something to do with this. “I am very passionate about music, but not a musician. We will listen to music when we watch sporting events on tv, instead of listening to tv,” Mr. Papariello said.

Mr. Papariello said that Des has had a good work ethic his whole life. “Nothing surprises me with Desmond. He’s always kind of put his mind to something and it seems to happen. He has a lot of focus and drive,” he said. “I truly think he has a God-given talent, and that with is his hard work is a recipe for success.”

Not only will this open up his music to the world but Papariello hopes that it will open him up to new opportunities. “You never know where this stuff can go, it could be the start of something big or another small thing on a long journey,” he said.

Papariello’s music can be found on his soundcloud account soundcloud.com/dezsounds and soon to be on Spotify and other music services under the artist name Dez.


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