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Film Failures: “Cool Cat Saves the Kids”

In the dead month of February, I am going to talk about the worst movie I have ever watched!

There are two periods where big movies come out, Summer and Holiday. Where does that leave Febuary?

February is the month where movie studios release the movies they are not confident in. That’s why most of the movies that come out around this time are horrible.

For instance, isn’t it weird that two horror movies just came out? It’s not Halloween. My guess is that they were supposed to come out this Halloween but the studios moved the movies release back to February because they were not confident enough in the film. Big surprise, the two horror movies that came out this month were commercial and critical failures.

When I was trying to find a good movie to review this month, I was left with nothing to review. So, I decided to review my favorite horrible movie– “Cool Cat Saves the Kids.

Before I go in and try to explain the plot of Cool Cat,” I have to explain the director Derek Savage. Derek Savage, or as he’s known in the movie–Daddy Derek, is an independent film director and author who has written such hits as “Sweet Revenge,” “The Dancer,” and “The Devil President.”

One day, Derek decided it would be a good idea to write a kids’ book series. He wrote a series named “Cool Cat” that he later developed into a movie. Derek plays Cool Cat’s Dad in the movie.

By the way I’m describing the movie you might think it is animated. No, Cool Cat is a full grown man in a Cat costume. His mom is a full grown woman in a cat costume. And Derek Savage is just a regular man married to a woman in a cat costume.

The movie starts out with Cool Cat trying to become school president. His friend Maria, a little girl, comes over to help him out. Watching a fully grown man in a Cat Costume play with an eight year old girl is incredibly unsettling and weird.

As the two prepare Cool Cat for President signs, they get anonymous calls. Instead of promoting kids to stay away from anonymous calls, Cool Cat tells Maria to pick up any and all calls. The horrible advice makes the scene even more unsettling.

But, it turns out to be Butch the Bully, an overweight child with a lisp, “punking” them. Butch gathers his friends to spray paint on Cool Cat’s campaign posters. The wind blows the spray paint into the children’s eyes and they get comeuppance for messing with Cool Cat.

Cool Cat then meets up with Butch’s friends and asks them why they would do mean things. The kids respond that nobody loves them and if someone did they wouldn’t be bullies.

Around this time in the film you can see someone walking out of a house in the background, seeing what’s going on, and slowly walking back into their house.

Cool Cat responds to the kids by saying, “I’m Cool Cat and I love all kids!” Again, this is a man in a full cat costume.

Cool Cat is split up into a few different sections focusing on different lessons, and this was the first one. I’m trying my best to explain the absurdity of a Cat Man running around acting like a child.

I would love to keep on explaining the ridiculous plot but this is a review not a plot summary. I’ll end my little summary by saying Cool Cat faces different problems such as road safety, cyber bullying, stopping a child who steals candy from babies, and finding a gun.

Cool Cat is the perfect example of a movie that’s so bad it’s good movie. Though the movie incredibly horrendous, I have watched it over and over. Every scene is just so bad you can’t help laughing at it.

The sad thing is, not that many people have seen this hilarious trainwreck! That’s why I really wanted to write this article, to get the word out about this garbage movie.

Every time I watch this movie, by the end I’m in tears laughing. I would recommend this movie to anybody looking for a stupid movie to watch with friends and just laugh.

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