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How to play those fun games you see all your buds playing in the group chat

It’s called GamePigeonand no, it doesn’t poop everywhere


It’s not as hard as you may think to be able to play “8-Ball Pool” or “Checkers” on your phone. Of course you can download individual apps to play each game, but what if there was a simpler way?

GamePigeonallows you to play multiple minigames all through one app against all of your friends, relatives, co-workers, dog walkers, or your dog walker’s dry cleaner.

GamePigeoncan be found just like any other app, go to the App Store and search for it. Keep in mind the app only functions on Apple products, not Android. The app can be downloaded in a similar fashion to any other, but once it’s downloaded, you can’t really see it.

The app operates through the iMessage app provided by Apple. GamePigeonwon’t show up on your home screen like Instagram or Snapchat but rather you can find it in iMessage.

Due to the relatively new iOS 10 update, you’re able to use different apps within iMessage. By clicking on the “>” symbol next to the text box to reveal the Camera icon, Digital Touch icon and the App Store icon. As expected, the App Store icon is where GamePigeonwill be located.

After downloading GamePigeonand heading into iMessage and selecting the App Store icon, you will be overwhelmed with child-like joy as you feast upon the wondrous hues and glows that the App has to offer. You’ll be greeted with more than twenty games to play as the menu opens.

All games are labeled and pictured so you can easily make a selection on which game you would like to end your friendship with your closest pals. Simply click the game and send the message.

Your friend will have the first move so you’ll have to wait until they play back. You can only play once they have sent a message back, that’s when you know they’ve made their move. You can play multiple games with multiple people at the same time so don’t be afraid to explore.

Burn away precious minutes of our valuable lives playing pointless games with your friends until you’ve built up enough anger against them that you no longer respond to their messages, afraid to lose to them again in “8-Ball Pool.” Have fun!


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