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State of the Studco

Members of Student Council discuss upcoming school events.

Everything seems to be running smoothly for the student council at this time, according to Student Council co-moderator Dr. Joan Dlugos and senior President Rich Heany.
They have a big month ahead of them, though, as elections for next year’s student council executive board are scheduled for March 3.

This year’s executive board helps out with the candidates’ delivery of their speeches on Thursday, March 2, and prepares the election itself, according to Heany and Dlugos. It is not so much a time for student activities, but for passing the baton of leadership to the remaining classes.

The big event in February that drew much praise from students and teachers alike was Family Feud. Adapted from the rules of the show on television hosted by Steve Harvey, the Student Council sent out a survey to the student body with different questions that would be used in the game itself. Malvern’s version mixed humor with the opinions of the students.

Believe it or not, Heany was actually quite nervous going into Family Feud.

“We didn’t really know what to expect; there was a lot of planning, the dates got switched, and it was the first time we did it, so I really didn’t know how it was gonna go,” Heany said. “Not gonna lie, me and Alex [Reber, Vice President of the Student Council] were talking the day before, and we were both nervous.”

After the fact, however, Heany couldn’t be happier.

“I thought it went extremely well, and we got great reviews,” Heany said.

The Student Council also sponsored the second annual FebruHairy contest, where students try to grow the biggest beard as possible.

“By looking at the numbers, we have one more participant as of right now than we did last year,” Dlugos said. “It’s only the second year, so improvement is improvement.”

The Student Council recently sponsored a drive for the Christian Service Department. This drive entailed students bringing in items for the rising seniors to take with them on their international service trips this summer.

“Mr. Legner came to our classroom and judged our turn-out, and he was very pleased with the outcome,” Dlugos said.

On March 23, Student Council will be having their last activities schedule of the year, but the activity is still to be determined. This will be decided at their upcoming meeting on March 7.

About Kyle Leonard

Kyle is a sophomore at Malvern, and has been involved with the Blackfriar Chronicle for two years. A resident of Malvern, PA, he is the Co-Friar Life Editor along with Mike Harrington. Outside of the paper, Kyle is a part of the winter track and baseball teams, MTS, and the Diversity Awareness Club. Kyle also plays piano, trumpet, and some guitar.

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