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Thoughts on March for Life

Members of the Malvern community share their experience participating in the annual event.

On January 27, students and teachers stood up for the rights of the unborn on the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.  They describe why they went to the event and what they learned.


Cruz Sigala ’19

“I chose to participate in the March for Life because my parents have taught me that all lives matter. I chose to participate because I feel that everyone deserves a chance. I enjoyed my experience. We had a lot of fun throughout the trip.”



Luke Gabriele ’17   

“I went on the march because there’s so much injustice going on in the world against unborn children who seem to have no rights. Abortion is the literal killing of a child and people need to understand how deadly and upsetting it is.

“I learned that so many more people than I thought are pro life and it was refreshing to see that the world is taking a turn for the better. It was mostly younger people so it’s good to see kids taking a stand for the better.”




Andrew Aprahamian ’17

“I learned that coming together in such a large group, like we did, does in fact make an emphatic statement to the public and the world. There were numerous news stations there and constant pictures and videos being taken. The March for Life was the trending topic on almost all of social media that day.”



Mr. Andrew Zagursky, Theology

“I think overall it was a great experience. It is always a moving and powerful experience for the students, faculty members who go, parents in the past who have gone….It is just very eye-opening. It is just one of those experiences you never forget when you go. It really makes you think about those people in society who are without a voice. The ability to just go and give someone a voice who doesn’t have a voice is very Christian.”





Christian DiCicco ’18

“I chose to participate in the March for Life because I believe that all life should be respected. Human life is life no matter how small, and I felt that I could let my voice be heard by participating in a peaceful protest. There is still plenty of work to be done and that we must not stop until all human life is respected. I also learned that many people can be disrespectful and rude to someone else just because they have a different opinion than them on a certain issue.”



Gabe Canzanese ’17

“I thought that the March for Life improved the strength of my opinion on the issue of abortion. The love and support that people showed to one another and the amount of people who were not from the east coast astonished me. It was just a pleasure to be a part of a movement that could result in positive change in our country.”



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