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Film Failures: “Who Killed Captain Alex?”

Uganda’s first action film, “Who Killed Captain Alex?”, is either one of the greatest movies of all time or one of the worst.

The Ugandan movie “Who Killed Captain Alex?” is one of the most entertaining movies I have seen in my entire life. The word that comes to my mind whenever I think of this movie is energetic. The movie is so fast and kinetic it’s hard to actually understand the plot.

“Who Killed Captain Alex?” is, from what I can understand, a movie about a soldier, named Alex, getting murdered and his brother trying to figure out who murdered him. There is also a mafia that tries to find out who killed Alex. But, you don’t really watch this movie for the plot.

“Who Killed Captain Alex?” was made with the intent of being seen by only a small group of people. The director never thought that anybody outside of his friends and family would ever see the movie.

The movie was made by a Ugandan man purely as a passion project with a budget of $200. This is an unbelievably low budget. Because of this, the movie does not have a complex plot or beautiful cinematography.

From this angle, you can say that “Who Killed Captain Alex?” is an awful movie. The plot is super hard to understand, making me confused of what the plot really was. This movie through and through fails on a mechanical level.

The thing about this movie is that it was never intended to succeed on a mechanical level. It was made simply to enjoy. When you watch a movie today and there is a fight scene, there is always some kind of disconnect.

At least for me, watching a movie fight scene never has the weight of blunt nature of an actual fight in real life. “Who Killed Captain Alex?” takes this concept and runs with it.

Every fight scene in this movie is over the top and insane. It is impossible to watch on of the movies many fight scenes without at least cracking a smile.

The best way to describe it is like a Bruce Lee film. People do crazy kung fu and scream and it all together feels almost like a comic book. It’s so amazing!

My words simply won’t do these fight scenes justice. Please, if you have time, go on your computer and watch one of the fight scenes. You will not be disappointed.

If you did watch one of the scenes from this movie, you will notice something right away. There is somebody commentating over the entire movie. This is what is called a “Video Joker.”

You see, the only copy of this movie that exists as of right now is the version with a “Video Joker.” The “Video Joker” is almost like somebody sitting next to you during the movie and cracking super cheesy but harmless jokes.

Now, if you were watching a regular movie this would be incredibly annoying. But “Who Killed Captain Alex?” is not a regular movie. Having this incredibly charismatic and lovable “Video Joker” amplifies the chaotic and spastic nature of the movie.

“Who Killed Captain Alex?” is a quotable, entertaining, and bad movie I would recommend to anybody looking to laugh and have fun with a movie. “Who Killed Captain Alex” will not give a super enlightening movie experience but it will make you laugh.


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