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Busy Travis Camp ’22 has high expectations

From athletics to academics, Camp does it all.

After spending only two years as a Malvernian, Travis Camp has made an impact.

Camp comes to Malvern from the town of Glenmoore, and says his parents were a big part of his decision to come to Malvern.

“They taught me a lot about hard work,” Camp said. “They really inspired me to come here.”

“I think they got me started [on coming to Malvern], and straight from there that’s where I wanted to go,” Camp said.

Camp says that his decision to come to Malvern is not one that he regrets. “I feel that this school’s done so much for me,” he said. “I just feel as if I’d be not as great of a person had I not come here.”

It hasn’t been just Camp’s parents that have pushed him though, his siblings have also helped him along the road. “My sister helps me with schoolwork,” he said. “And my two brothers taught me how to play sports.”

As for his workload, Camp said that he uses the free time given to him. ”I find it very useful to use community time and EL block,” he said. “If I have a test the next day, I’ll study for it the day before.”

Camp says this method has left him the time to participate in baseball and basketball. For both sports, he plays for a travel team and for Malvern. As for baseball, he has high hopes for the upcoming season.

Camp also has his hopes set high goals for the Upper School. “I want to be a MECO leader,” he said. “I just think it’s a good experience to help with college, Malvern, and to help others.”

Camp said that Malvern’s brotherhood has really helped during his time at the school.

“I think it’s been a lot easier, knowing that there’s forty guys around you who you can talk to at any time,” he said. “They make me want to strive harder in sports and school.”

Seventh grade classmate Sonny Petricca said Camp helped him coming in as a Malvern student. “He’s really pushed me,” he said. “He’s really helped me.”

Camp has also helped Petricca in academics and sports. “We worked together on a lot of stuff,” Petricca said. “We’ve been teammates since we were eight, and we’ve pushed each other.”

But outside of the classroom and off the field, is where Camp shines his best trait. “He’s very nice,” Petricca said. “He cares about you.”

Camp’s teachers see something in him also. Seventh Grade Dean Mr. Leo Kindon said that he got a good impression of who Camp was when he met Camp in September of 2016. “[He was a] very nice person,” Kindon said.

Since then Camp has lived up to that first encounter. “He’s been one of the leaders in the classroom,” Kindon said. “[He’s a] good student, always prepared, does his work, [and] one of the first one’s to have his hand up.”

Camp also showed his sense of brotherhood to Kindon when he received the Saint Augustine award in the first trimester. “He’s a pretty good guy,” Kindon said.

Camp is also someone of whom Kindon has high expectations. “I see him contributing in many ways, number one as being a leader and not a follower.”

Using a few words, Kindon believes that he summed up the Travis Camp he knows, “[He is] a wonderful young Augustinian scholar,” he said.

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Joe Lister is has been on the Blackfriar Chronicle for two years. He is from West Chester, Pa. He is in MTS and also plays soccer for Malvern.

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