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Flannel more than fashion for Grant Burgess ’19

Sophomore Grant Burgess is a family man who sees Malvern as place of connections with his friends and family.

Whether it’s baseball or schoolwork, Grant makes sure he has fun doing everything he puts his mind to.

Referred to as “The Lumberjack” around campus, Grant Burgess is a baseball playing, flannel wearing, force of nature, who loves to live life to the fullest.

“Enjoy yourself,” Burgess said. “Whatever you do in life, make you sure have fun.”

Raised in Pottstown, Burgess learned the values of family and faith. “Rosemary and Stephen (Grant’s parents), [are] great people. Taking care of me since I was a baby, feeding me, clothing me, all the important stuff. Great role models.”

Burgess lives and breathes baseball. Playing in little leagues since the age of five, Grant even hopes to continue to play in college.

“I’ve been playing my whole life. College? Don’t know which, but I know I want to major in business, I’m a business guy,” Burgess said.

When he’s not on the diamond, Burgess’ favorite pastime is hunting. He enjoys the the thrill of the hunt as well as the meal you get out of it.

“You can go anyway with it,” Burgess said, “Venison, hot dog, you could go ground beef, you could with the back straps…any way you want.”

Some of Burgess’ other interests include classic movies like Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean. He also is a big fan of country music.

“Mowing the lawn [while] listening to some country music? Nothing better than that,” he said.

Burgess is constantly trying to be out in nature. “I love sunsets. I live out in the woods so I get great sunsets,” Burgess said.

Grant is also a self-proclaimed country man equipped with the determination to “get the job done”.

Even his own English teacher, Mrs. Kathryn Wolstenholme said, “Grant can do anything he puts his mind to, even if that is… going off into the woods to start his own civilization with nothing but an axe and his flannel.”

When asked to describe Grant in one word, most people would say ‘flannel’. He is known around campus for famously wearing some item of flannel clothing every day of winter.

“They’re universal,” says Burgess. “I’m a huge flannel guy. [They’re] perfect for any occasion. You could literally live off flannels.”

Burgess’ unique presence on campus has made him a good friend to many. He is friendly among his peers and continues to hang out with some of the same people since middle school.

“Grant and I are boys,” sophomore Will Pettit said. “Grant and I went to middle school together. His nickname is ‘Flannel Guy’, and I’d say he’s a pretty good kid.”

“He’s always [has] a positive attitude,” said Wolstenholme “He’s not the most outgoing kid but he’s always respectful and enthusiastic. He’s got a good sense of humor.”

Currently in his sophomore year, Burgess is looking forward to what the summer has to offer. “This year has been great, academics and all…but I’m ready to move ahead.”

If he were to get a tattoo, Burgess would get “one of those cool Samoan ones that start on your arm and wrap around your pec”.

Burgess also values family and faith and his favorite thing about Malvern is the “connections…Later in life they’ll help you.”

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