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Navy hopeful Brendan Devine ’18 considers life after Malvern

Get to know the junior nicknamed “Brick.”


Junior Brendan Devine has been coming to Malvern Prep’s campus and sports games for many years, but there are a number of things you might not know about the honors student, rugby player, wrestler, and MECO leader.

One thing his peers might not know about junior Brendan Devine is that he was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and lived there until he was five years old.

“Moving from Charlotte wasn’t too difficult for me since I was so little at the time. I was able to make new friends pretty quickly once we moved,” Devine said.

Devine attended St. Max for lower and middle school and excelled on the football and basketball teams when he was there.

“I was one of the bigger kids in middle school, so I was able to be a dominant threat on the court and the field,” he said.

Brendan is the youngest of four kids in his family. He has two older brothers, who both attended Malvern, and one older sister.

Brendan’s family has a strong connection to the Navy.

“My dad was in the Navy for a number of years, my oldest brother, Jack ’10, currently flies helicopters for the Navy and is stationed in Florida and was is in Navy ROTC at Villanova University,” Devine said.

Devine added that he is thinking about possibly doing an ROTC program in college, but he is not sure about it yet.

Brendan has loved every second of his experience at Malvern. “I decided to come here because both of my brothers came here and really enjoyed it,” Devine said. “So far, my experience has definitely lived up to their expectations.”

At Malvern, Devine is a member of a variety of clubs, activities, and sports while consistently balancing academics. He is a MECO leader, wrestler, and also plays on the rugby team.

“Brendan contributes a lot to the success of the wrestling team,” junior wrestler Ryan Karoly said. “He is always working hard and makes the team better every single practice.”

“One of my favorite parts about Malvern is being able to hang out and see my closest friends every day. One of my favorite parts about the school structure is the schedule. I really like how it gives you time to work on a project or meet with a teacher during the day, and I think that we have the perfect class lengths that prepare us well for college,” Devine said.

Devine has had a rigorous schedule full of honors and AP classes while at Malvern. Brendan said that one of his favorite classes at Malvern has been AP US History with Mr. Bob Colameco.

“The class is so interesting and we always have fun in it. Mr. Colameco does a really good job of making sure everyone in the class participates,” Devine said.

Brendan said that his favorite teacher at Malvern has been Mr. Bohannon, whom he had sophomore year.

“I always looked forward to having Mr. Bohannon’s class. He is definitely the nicest teacher at Malvern and he always tries to make each class fun. I loved when he gave us trivia questions to start each class. He always got the class involved and excited,” he said.

Bohannon also enjoyed having Devine in his class.

“Brendan was a joy to have in my class last year. He always stayed involved and was nice to everybody,” Mr. Bohannon said.

Devine only has one year left at Malvern and he hopes to make the most of it.

“Malvern has been awesome since the first day of freshman year,” Devine said. “I can’t believe that I am winding down on my junior year already and I hope to cherish the next month of school and the rest of my time on Warren Ave.”

About Eric McLaughlin

Eric is currently a junior at Malvern. He has been on the BFC since his freshman year. Eric was a reporter for his first two years at Malvern and is now the social media editor for the paper. He also plays golf for Malvern and participates in many other clubs at school. Eric lives in Media, Pa with his parents and 2 other siblings.

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