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Ryan Logan ’18 enjoys watching sports as much as he enjoys participating

Junior baseball player Ryan Logan enjoys wakeboarding and staying up to date on everything sports.

You may recognize him around campus as the only student brave enough to wear Dallas Cowboys apparel, but junior Ryan Logan is much more than that.

Growing up in Chester Springs, Logan lives with his mother, father, younger sister Sarah, and is the owner of two mini dachshunds. Logan was a student at Lionville Middle School until the seventh grade, when he began exploring the options for his future education.

When considering Malvern among other schools to attend, one factor in particular stood out which drew him to become a Friar.

“I liked the smaller aspect and smaller classes Malvern had to offer, which other schools didn’t have,” Logan said.

Logan decided to begin his journey at Malvern in the eighth grade. Over his four years of attending the school, history teacher Mr. Andrew Burke has been his favorite teacher, and he has most enjoyed Burke’s Global Perspectives class.

One of the classes Logan takes this year is Spanish with Mr. Jose Sanchez. Sanchez describes Logan as a very capable young man. He believes utilizing time well and developing strong study techniques are very important for his students, including Logan.

“And I think that at the end of all that I think it will be very helpful and will show their academic ability,” Sanchez said.

Along with being a student at Malvern, Logan is also a member of Malvern’s baseball team. Logan is a third baseman for the nationally ranked squad.

“He’s a great team player and has a very good attitude. He is always pushing every one of us to play at our very best,” junior baseball player JR Byrne said.

Outside of the Malvern community, Logan enjoys following professional sports, playing fantasy football, and wakeboarding in the summer.

“I watch sports and keep up on sports news just about every day,” Logan said. With the NBA and NHL playoffs underway, along with the MLB season just starting, Logan is sure to be busy staying up to date on all of the sports.

Logan is especially locked into sports during the NFL season. Although he lives in the Philadelphia area, surrounded by diehard Eagles fans, Logan is a big supporter of the Dallas Cowboys. The opposition and criticism he faces from Eagles fans at school and in the area does not stop him from supporting his team.

“It’s tough when the Cowboys and Eagles play each other, but growing up they’ve been my favorite team, so it won’t prevent me from being a fan,” Logan said.

As Logan, along with the rest of the junior class, is just a few months away from beginning his final year at Malvern, he recognizes there will be some transitioning to do.

“I feel like it’s time to start making adjustments in my lifestyle to get ready for the changes college will bring,” Logan said.

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