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Tim Brogan ’20 aims to be model student athlete

Red hair, quarterback, caring. These words can only mean one thing: Tim Brogan.

Freshman Timothy Brogan of Wayne came to Malvern this year as a freshman with others from St. Katharine of Siena.

Like many student-athletes at Malvern, Timothy Brogan is a kid who has a busy schedule who is involved in many activities in and out of school.

“My main sports are lacrosse and football,” Brogan said. “I definitely plan to continue playing football throughout high school.”

Coach and social studies teacher, Mr. Jeffrey Carroll, thinks Brogan has a future in high school football.

“Oh yeah, Tim has potential in football. He’s just gotta hit the squat rack,” Carroll said. “He’s very smart, he gets the mental side of the game.”

As the starting quarterback for freshman football this year, Brogan plans to continue playing and hopefully start for Varsity eventually. In the past, Brogan has been greatly involved in athletics.

“I played lacrosse for Conestoga township, I played flag football from first to fourth grade at St. Katharine’s and tackle football from sixth to eighth grade,” Brogan said.

Before Malvern, Brogan attended St. Katharine of Siena from Kindergarten to eighth grade, where many of his friends who also attend Malvern went.

Freshman Keenan O’Connor and Brogan have gone to school together for nine years.

“In the end we’re always friends,” O’Connor said.

Brogan is equally as focused, respectful, and proud a student as he is a football player, according to Carroll.

“I enjoy having Tim very much in class and as a member of the football team,” Carroll said.

Brogan has a younger sister who is currently attending St. Katharine’s. He hopes to be a good role model and help her in athletic career.

“She’s 12 years old. She plays lacrosse, field hockey, and basketball. I’m taking it upon myself to teach her how to play goalie,” he said.

Brogan is unsure about what he wants to do for work in life but said he tries very hard in school.

“I want to go to a great college out of high school,” he said. “I don’t know what I want to be yet but business interests me, I feel like I could be a businessman.”

This goal, and any others set by Brogan, will be achievable with the work ethic that he has, according to Carroll

“I think with his work ethic, Tim will be able to pursue whatever field he chooses,” Carroll said.

For leisure, Brogan likes to watch movies, listen to music, and play video games.

“I like to spend some time on my Xbox One with my friends,” Brogan said. “I like movies, my favorite movie is ‘Top Gun’.”

He likes TV but is not currently watching a show. He enjoys listening to music.

“I like TV, every now and then you get a show that just hooks you,” Brogan said. “I like listening to music, but I’m not much of an art guy.”

As for an instrument, Brogan does not play one but wishes he learned how to play the piano, saying it is an interesting skill to have.

“I don’t play an instrument; I wish I learned to play piano, but I guess there is still time for that,” he said.

How Brogan is seen by his friends and teachers, as a good person who’s talented and proud, does not seem all too different of a message.

“[Brogan is] very conscientious, he’s a very good student. He’s very interested in the material and also cares about and takes a lot of pride in his work,” Carroll said. “He’s one of my best students.”

“Tim is very caring,” O’Connor said.

About Teddy Hawke

Teddy is a freshman at Malvern and began working with the Blackfriar Chronicle this year. He is a part of the varsity swim team at Malvern and swims outside of school year-round.

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