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Tim Lynch ’17: open book, open to positivity

We take a deeper look at Malvern MECO Leader Timothy Lynch and his story on how Malvern became his home away from home.

Senior Tim Lynch is a Malvern senior from Delaware County that strives to get the most out of his Malvern experience, and tries to live in the moment.

Throughout his time here at Malvern, Lynch has been fully involved in everything that Malvern strives to offer. He has participated in the Bowling Club, Catholic Athletes for Christ, Speak Up!, MECO Program, freshman baseball, water polo, and football.

“I am also an intramural stud,” Lynch said.

Part of his personality is that he is always looking for the kids that make him feel welcomed and respected.

“What makes me happy is being around people with positive energy and good vibes,” Lynch said. “Whether that’s at a party on the weekend or at the lunch table at school. All I need to be happy is a good contagious laugh or smile to be around.”

But what makes Lynch so interesting to be around is that he is a genuine person with a deep passion for life.

“What makes me interesting is that when you meet me, that is exactly what you are getting,” he said. “I like to think of myself as an open book for the most part. I do have a real weird side as well as most kids know.”

Outside the classroom, Lynch has multiple people he can count on to have his back, and has a great group of friends, including Student Council President Richard Heany.

“We were friends freshman year, but we really became great friends when we started working out together for football our sophomore year,” Heany said. “Since then, he has been one of my best friends at Malvern. We have had so many great memories together and he is truly like a brother to me.”

Inside the classroom, theology teacher Mr. Andrew DiDomenico has seen and appreciated all that Lynch does for Malvern and the MECO program as a whole.

“The first word that comes to mind when I think about Lynch is spirit,” he said. “He brings an incredible spirit and depth to the team. Whatever he gets into, he is putting in his entire heart.”

DiDomenico also said that he loved watching Lynch grow over the course of his senior year.

“I feel as though that with every conversation that I have had with him, there has always been a sense of him just being more grounded— which I believe is important in terms of leadership,” Didomenico said.

Also, Lynch’s family plays an exceptional role in his life.

“My family is a very funny and dysfunctional one,” Lynch said. “There are five of us, and we grew up in Newtown Square.”

As the second youngest of his family, Lynch is a constant believer in receiving and giving support to his family.

“We are very close and we know we have each others’ backs,” Lynch said. “I can not remember a time where I have not had support from my family.”

A certain struggle that has lead to Lynch’s growth throughout his high school career was rather an unfortunate accident during a football practice.

“In the beginning of junior year, I tore my ACL,” Lynch said. “I was really focused on football and was looking forward to a great season, then I was out for the year. It was hard for me to cope that because all the offseason work I had put in leading up to the year.”

But, according to Lynch, this turned out to be a tremendous event.

“It turned out to be a blessing because I realized football was not my calling, and that there is more to life than football,” Lynch said.

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