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Will Reckmeyer ’19 has high aspirations

Being a lifer, sophomore Will Reckmeyer reflects on how Malvern has impacted his life spiritually, socially, and academically.

Growing up in Berwyn and attending Tredyffrin-Easttown Middle School, Reckmeyer was raised in a family of five, with his mother Sheila, father Mike, and two older sisters Emily and Megan.

Reckmeyer’s mother, Sheila, reflects on her son, and the value he brings to their family.

“Will is unique in our family because he is the only boy child, and also the youngest,” his mother Mrs. Shiela Reckmeyer said. She shared a memories from when he was younger.

“Will was four or five, and he badly wanted to see the Power Rangers. His sisters didn’t want to come, but Will wanted to. We went to the Power Rangers parade and he was ecstatic,” he said. “Will wanted a picture with the Shadow Ranger and he was thrilled to get his picture.”

She also added that Reckmeyer provides a certain joyful energy wherever he goes, and he has had that sort of presence since the beginning.

“My favorite characteristic about Will is his smile,” Mrs. Reckmeyer said, “and he was always a very happy baby, and not that Emily and Megan weren’t, he was just very happy.”

Reckmeyer’s oldest sister Emily is a senior at the University of Notre Dame, and other sister Megan is a sophomore at Northwestern University. “Emily is more shy, but smart. Megan is more outgoing and adventurous,” Reckmeyer said.

The decision to come to Malvern wasn’t exactly his.

“I came in sixth grade. I was kind of forced to come because both of my sister’s went to private school as well,” Reckmeyer said.

Even though the choice wasn’t his, Reckmeyer said that Malvern has had a positive impact on his life in many ways. “[Malvern] has allowed me to deepen my spiritual relationship with God, while also expanding my horizons and meeting new people,” he said.

One of Reckmeyer’s good friends sophomore Evan Haines describes Reckmeyer as a friend. “He’s a jokester, and doesn’t take anything too seriously outside of school. But he’s a cool guy, nice person to be around,” Haines said.

Along with his spiritual and social development, Reckmeyer also notes that his academics have become an important part of his life here at Malvern.

“My favorite class is math,” Reckmeyer said, “and history is cool also, but that’s a hard class. My grades have been looking good all year, and I plan on keeping them that way.”

Outside of academics, Reckmeyer plays soccer in the fall, lacrosse in the spring, and loves to play intramural sports for Malvern. He also competes outside of school on his club lacrosse team, Freedom Lacrosse.

Reckmeyer hopes that Malvern can provide him the tools to be able to become successful in the future, and give him a head start on accomplishing his goals.

“I want to go to my first choice college,” he said, “and from there go into the business world.”

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