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Top 10 photos from 2017 senior prank

The class of 2017 carried on the senior prank tradition on their last day of classes, May 5.

This year’s senior prank included shirtless wrestling, a water balloon fight, and a “redneck slip-n-slide.”

Here are our top 10 photos from the prank:

10. When you see a 20 dollar bill on the ground.

9. The Octopus stage at full capacity.

8. America.


7. Upper School Head Mr. Ron Algeo not really sure what is happening.


6. When it’s May 5, 65 degrees out, and rainy, but you gotta get your beach tan in midseason form.

5. There was a Chewbacca sighting at the prank, however Matt Boles said he did not see one.

4. Get you a man that looks at you the same way Brian Gola looks at Jackson McCausland.

3. When you’re with all your friends and your mom yells, “Pizza Rolls are ready.”

2. Rob Carr calls his shot…

1. …and ends up short.

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