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Athlete of the Issue: Kevin Boyle ’18

Since beginning his track career in sixth grade, Kevin Boyle ‘18 has pushed himself to become one of the fastest runners in the Inter-Ac.

Junior Kevin Boyle was always fast. But when a friend suggested he take up running track, Boyle soon developed a knack for the sport. He has since improved his ability significantly and now demands more of himself every season.

Now the captain of Malvern’s track program, Kevin has learned to balance the responsibility of leading his team with his own lofty goals. This includes breaking the school record for the 400m before he leaves Malvern.

“By the end of next year I want to break the school record in the 400m, which is 49.3 [seconds],” Boyle said. “But as for team goals, an Inter-Ac championship would be great.”

Boyle certainly has high expectations of himself, and the track team as a whole. But before he had his mind set on constant improvement, Boyle was focused on an entirely different sport.

“I was always a baseball player, and I never had any plans to stop that,” Boyle said. “But then a couple of friends I went to grade school with were running track, so they told me to join the team. I was always one of the faster kids in the grade, so they told me to run, and it worked out.”

Kevin immediately started running track for Malvern his freshman year, and, the following year, he placed 14th out of 48 in the 200m at the 13th Annual Unionville Invitational. Track and Field Head Coach Mr. Michael Koenig said the decision to make Kevin captain the next season was relatively easy.

“He knows what he’s doing, and he is a great communicator,” Koenig said. “So he was definitely near the top of my list for captain. The other team members respect him, so he’s been doing a really nice job.”

One of those team members is John Powers ’18, a long distance runner and one of Boyle’s close friends. Powers is also complimentary of Boyle’s ability to lead the team.

“As a captain, he is your friend first, but then he’ll push you when you’re not going your hardest,” Powers said. “I’m one of his good friends, but when he sees me fooling around, he makes sure I get in line.”

While his coaches and teammates are complimentary of his individual ability and leadership, Kevin believes everyone needs to contribute in order to succeed.

“I think the best part of track is that it’s a team sport just as much as it is individual,” Boyle said. “Some people who may not be familiar with track might just think its individuals running for themselves, but not one individual will be able to win an Inter-Ac Championship or State Championship. It takes a complete and hardworking team to win those championships, and the way we can come together as a team to pursue an Inter-Ac Championship and improve everyday is my favorite part.”

Boyle says the Malvern brotherhood can also be seen on the team, and helps them push each other to improve constantly.

“You can ask the coaches, we’re always laughing and joking around with each other,” Boyle said. “But we also know when we need to get serious and get behind one another and support everyone on the team.”

Boyle still knows he needs to find ways to refine himself, and he identifies practice as one of the harder parts of track.

“I think the meets are the fun part, easy part,” Boyle said. “But getting in shape and getting ready for those meets is definitely the hardest part.”

According to Powers, Kevin is already one of the hardest workers on the team, and complemented his grit during workouts.

“His determination is his best attribute, and during workouts he never quits for a second,” Powers said. “When we are in the weight room, he is always the last one out, and he never gives up.”

Koenig believes that as long as Boyle maintains his work ethic and will to succeed, he will be continue to improve and achieve his goal of breaking Malvern’s 400 meter dash record.

“Kevin is an incredibly disciplined worker and runner,” Koenig said. “He will be able to accomplish whatever he sets his mind to.”

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