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Malvern entrance sign repaired after accident

The sign greeting people to Malvern has had an up-and-down year.

Everybody remembers that rainy day of November 28. They remember seeing the debris of what was once the sign at Malvern’s entrance, along with an old Mercedes with its front bumper smashed in.

While coming back to Malvern after making a trip to Wawa during his last period study hall, junior Patrick McNally-Heinemann lost control of his car and crashed into the Malvern welcome sign and stone foundation at Malvern’s entrance. Fortunately, McNally-Heinemann and passenger Andrew Knaus ’18 were not harmed, but the same cannot be said for the sign or his car.

“It was really surprising that the airbags didn’t go off,” McNally-Heinemann said. “It would’ve costed 95% of what the car was worth to repair it and my [the driver’s] side of the car was completely crushed.”

The top right corner of the sign was completely taken off by the crash, and the right side of the stone foundation severely damaged and stones had fallen out. As for McNally-Heinemann’s car, the Mercedes was totaled, as the front bumper of the vehicle took a beating from the crash.

“It was a rainy day and it was kind of just a blur, Pat tried going for the turn a little late and fast and just slid into it,” Knaus said.

According to Malvern’s rules, if students wish to leave campus during their last period study halls, they must sign out at the Dean of Student’s office, which McNally-Heinemann did not do.

Dean of Students Mr. Timothy Dougherty said that it is very important for students to sign out during open periods.

“We need you to sign out when you’re here, because signing out says, ‘Hey, I’m going home’, or ‘I’m going to Wawa before practice’ and we know you’re gone,” Dougherty said.

Dougherty also explained Malvern’s responsibility for students during school hours.

“While you’re at school, we’re ‘en loco parentis’. We are acting as your parents. They trust us to keep you safe and to know when you’re here and not here,” Dougherty said.
Although the crash occurred in late November, the sign and foundation were reconstructed earlier this month. The whole foundation for the sign was taken down, and a new foundation was erected in its place.

The new foundation for the sign is very similar to the old design but the walls and corners are slighter straighter and less jagged.

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