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School Nurse Mrs. Catherine McGettigan moves to part-time

As she prepares to work part-time and eventually retire from Malvern, McGettigan feels gracious about her time at Malvern.

Malvern is in the beginning stages of preparing for life without their school nurse of over 20 years, Mrs. Catherine “Kit” McGettigan.

She will still be on campus next year, however, working part-time as a new nurse adapts to the school community.

“We will set up a schedule which will revolve around the new nurse’s needs and what I want to do,” McGettigan said. “Maybe I want to have a long weekend with my daughters down in North Carolina, so they would give me that Monday off.”

According to Mrs. McGettigan, there are no set days that she will or will not be working.

“It’s not like I’ll be working Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Tuesday and Thursday. It’s going to be a rotating schedule, but most the weeks I anticipate being consistent with which days I’m here,” McGettigan said.

“I chose to work-part time, which was an extremely difficult decision, because I am easing into retirement. Malvern is a part of my life and it was just really stressful for me to come to this choice,” McGettigan said.

McGettigan has many fond memories of her time at Malvern, but one moment in particular stands out.

“The best memory I have working here was when they dedicated the yearbook to me in 2014. That was probably the most special moment I had at Malvern, and it was basically the only time in my career I was honored for just doing what I love. To me that’s very special,” McGettigan said.
In the 2014 yearbook dedicated to Mrs. McGettigan, former Assistant Head of School Steve Valyo gave high praise to the longtime Malvern nurse.

“Kit is fair, firm, and consistent with students, she has always brought a light-hearted, easy-going way that puts students at ease and makes their suffering more bearable,” Valyo said. “Kit has made great connections with all members of our community: parents, students, staff, and faculty, while maintaining the highest level of respect in the local nursing community.”

The search for a new part-time school nurse is ongoing. According to the position posted on Malvern’s website, the school is seeking a candidate with a degree in nursing, Pennsylvania licensure, and three or more years of school nursing experience with a middle school or high school focus.

McGettigan is beloved by many within Malvern’s student body.

“I’m going to miss Mrs. McGettigan when she leaves. She’s a really nice lady,” sophomore Christian Galilea said. “I’ve known her since I came here for middle school and it won’t be the same not having her here.”

Sophomore Gavin Canzanese will also miss McGettigan.

“I’m just kind of sad that she’s leaving, you know? She always treated me well and helped me whenever I went into the nurse’s office and she is an extremely nice lady as well,” Canzanese said.


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