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State of the Studco

Excitedly preparing for next year, Student Council leaders share insight on what to expect for the upcoming school year.

While the new Malvern student council leaders are getting ready for next year, they explained some possibilities and changes ahead in the upcoming academic school year.

The newly elected Student Council President Liam McKnight ’18 expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming year, saying how it will be a year to look forward to, one packed with fun.

“I’m excited for a good year,” McKnight said.

Looking in retrospect, he believes this year was a success. McKnight thought there were some good, new events implemented this year.

“Something new that was put in this year was Family Feud and I think the whole school, or most of the school enjoyed that- we certainly did, we thought it was a big success,” McKnight said.

As for goals, the Student Council will be trying a few new things next year, according to McKnight. This includes trying to stay true to their word and getting the student body involved in more decisions.

McKnight said that any way they can ensure everyone’s opinion and voice be heard is a major goal for Student Council next year.

Those goals have existed in previous years but the Student Council will have a different approach in the upcoming school year, according to McKnight.

“Next year, in order to get as many students opinions as possible, we were thinking about either having a town hall meeting where people can come and they can say what they want and what they think should be done or just a simple survey to the whole school,” McKnight said. “Definitely next year we will be contacting the students more.”

Upcoming Vice President Andre Quintiliani ’18 agreed, wanting to maintain loyalty to the best of his ability.

“One of our goals is definitely staying true to our word, staying true to Friar Nation,” Quintiliani said.

Quintiliani also described this year as a successful one. Some of his favorite events were the egg-toss and Family Feud.

“Personally I loved Family Feud day,” Quintiliani said. “Another thing that not a lot of people went to but I thought was really good was the egg-toss. Anything that gets a lot of people to come out to ends up being really fun.”

Quintiliani encourages more students to attend the activities, especially the new ones, saying that they would be surprised at how much fun you could have there.

“Sometimes you go into an event thinking it’s going to be really boring or not really fun because it hasn’t happened yet, but you end up having the time of your life going it,” said Quintiliani.

Students seem to have a positive outlook on the future of Student Council, while still wanting more.

“I would like them to get more students involved, maybe by having more games like Family Feud, that was fun,” freshman Christian Siaton said. “On a PD [schedule] maybe they could schedule something after school that is optional, if kids wanted to go.”

Siaton expressed that follow through is very important to him. He hopes Student Council does what they say they will. “Liam McKnight had some good ideas in his speech. I hope they follow through with those,” Siaton said.

Quintiliani explained that the school definitely has something to look forward to.

“Look forward to a different kind of year- a different kind of fun, it’s definitely going to be hopefully like a revival of the old Friar Nation. Expect a different, hype, fun year,” Quintiliani said.

McKnight used his favorite motto to describe how Student Council is preparing for upcoming academic year.

“Trust the process,” McKnight said.

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