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The Friar’s Lantern is the student-run online affiliate of The Blackfriar Chroniclea monthly student-run print publication at Malvern Preparatory School in Malvern, Pa.

Mission Statement

The Blackfriar Chronicle and The Friar’s Lantern are the student-run publications of Malvern Prep. The principal goals of the publications are to provide accurate and relevant information to the Malvern community and to offer a forum for intelligent dialogue on all things Malvern. The reporting for these student publications is conducted thoroughly and edited by student leaders to ensure this accuracy to the best of our ability. In order to fairly provide all points of view, contributions from all members of the Malvern community are welcomed and encouraged through letters of opinion, student reporting, and respectful commentary.

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Staff Manual

Recognition + Awards



Journalism Education Association

Write-offs – NHSJC Seattle, April 2017

SUPERIOR – Eric McLaughlin, Sports Writing

EXCELLENT – Dan Malloy, Feature Writing

Chase Bennett – Logo Design
Ethan Rowley – Photo Illustration
Brian Szipszky – Newswriting

Pennsylvania School Press Association

Statewide Journalism Competition

2nd Place – Editorials: Tyler Pizzico’17

Student Journalist of the Year – Tommy Pero ’17

Gold Rating

Pennsylvania News Media Association Keystone Press Awards

First Place / Ongoing News Coverage
Head of School Transition
Staff [Tyler Pizzico, Tommy Pero, Michael Harrington, Dan Malloy, Editorial Board]

First Place / Sports Story
Committing to Crew
Eric McLaughlin ’18

Second Place / Feature Story
Class of 2020 Survey
Staff [Ethan Rowley, Chase Bennett, Tommy Pero, Tyler Pizzico]

Second Place / Personality Profile
Pat Ferraiolo ’17, Ben Yankelitis ’16

Second Place / Columnist
Jack McClatchy ’17

Honorable Mention / Public Service / Enterprise Package
A Light of Exposure
Justice Bennett ’16

1st Place:  Preparing for college and beyond / Tyler Pizzico
Honorable Mention: Student substance abuse takes proactive approach / Michael Harrington
2nd Place: We endorse discussion this election season / Editorial Board
2nd PlaceNew NCAA Rule Changes Recruiting Process / Pat Ferraiolo
NFPW National High School Communications Contest
2nd Place: Patrick Ferraiolo + Ben Yankelitis, “Commitment
Honorable Mention: Ethan Rowley, Chase Bennett, Election Issue (Front Page)
Pennsylvania Press Club High School Communications Contest
2nd Place:  “We endorse discussion this election season” / Editorial Board
1st Place – Tommy Pero, “Elections are like a fourth-grade band
1st Place – Patrick Ferraiolo + Ben Yankelitis, “Commitment
2nd Place – Tommy Pero + Tyler Pizzico, “Transitions ahead for Malvern, Talbot
Honorable Mention – Tyler Pizzico + Tommy Pero, “Welcome Fr. Don
1st Place – Eric McLaughlin, “Committing to Crew
3rd Place – Chase Bennett, Jake Caulfield, “A Time to Be Aware” (Front Page)
1st Place – Ethan Rowley, Chase Bennett, Election Issue (Front Page)



Columbia Scholastic Press Association

Journalism Education Association

  • Student Impact Award – Justice Bennett
  • Scholastic Journalism Week Logo designed by Jimmy Faunce

National Scholastic Press Association

Pennsylvania School Press Association Statewide Journalism Competition

  • 1st Place – News Writing: Zac Chan
  • 2nd Place – Sports Writing: Michael Droogan
  • Student Journalist of the YearJustice Bennett

National Federation of Press Women / Pennsylvania Press Club

National Winners

  • 1st Place – Editorial – “Remembering 9/11”
  • 1st Place – Feature Story – “A Light of Exposure”
  • Honorable Mention – Single Page Layout – January Front Page

State Winners

  • 1st Place – Sports Story – Michael Droogan
  • 1st Place – Editorial – Staff
  • 1st Place – Singe Page Layout – Staff
  • 1st Place – Feature Story – Justice Bennett
  • 2nd Place – News Writing – Chris Bunn
  • 2nd Place – Feature Story – Michael Droogan
  • 2nd Place – Danny Malloy – Sports Story
  • 2nd Place – Opinion – Justice Bennett
  • 3rd Place – Feature Story – Tyler Pizzico
  • Honorable Mention – Feature Story – Tommy Pero

Youth Journalism International

  • Student Journalist of the Year – Justice Bennett
  • 1st Place – News Team – Justice Bennett + Tyler Pizzico
  • 2nd Place – Sports Feature – Michael Droogan
  • Honorable Mention – Cartooning – Aaron Salinas
  • Honorable Mention – Editorial – Staff
  • Honorable Mention – Feature Writing – Justice Bennett



Pennsylvania School Press Association Individual Awards

  • 11 Superiors
  • 14 Excellents
  • 7 Honorable Mentions
  • Top 5 ranking for print publications in Pennsylvania

National Scholastic Press Association

  • Ranked second class in first critique submission

Click here to meet our 2016-2017 Team

Previous Staff

2015-2016 Editorial Staff

2015-2016 Editorial Staff

Editors-in-Chief:  Justice Bennett ’16, Ben Yankelitis ’16

Managing Editor, Black Friar Chronicle:  Jimmy Faunce ’16

Managing Editor, Friar’s Lantern:  Christopher Bunn ’16

Friar Life Editor:  Tommy Pero ’17

Sports Editors: Pat Ferraiolo ’17, Michael Droogan ’16

Arts Editor: Dan Malloy ’18

News Editor: Jack McClatchy ’17

Media & Tech Editor: Jack Magargee ’18

Chief Investigative Reporter: Tyler Pizzico ’17

Editorial Board Members

All members of the team above, and:

Michael Flanagan ’16

Michael Harrington ’19


Adviser:  Ms. Kate Plows

2014-2015 Editorial Staff

2014-2015 Editorial Staff

Editors-in-Chief:  Matt Lanetti ’15, Jack Marchesani ’15

Managing Editor, Black Friar Chronicle:  Mike McHugh ’15

Managing Editor, Friar’s Lantern:  Christopher Bunn ’16

Social Media & Podcast Editor:  Ben Yankelitis ’16

Friar Life Editor:  Tyler Pizzico ’17

Sports Editors: Sean Christman ’17, Pat Ferraiolo ’17

Arts Editor: Jimmy Canuso ’17, Tommy Pero ’17

News Editor: Jake Sorensen ’15

Media & Tech Editor: Mike McCarthy ’15

Chief Investigative Reporter: Justice Bennett ’16

Editorial Board Members

All members of the team above, and:

Michael Flanagan ’16

Jack Magargee ’18

Jack Walker ’18

David Wright ’15

Advisors:  Ms. Kate Plows, Mr. Leo Kindon

2013-2014 Editorial Staff

2013-2014 Editorial Staff

Editors-in-Chief:  Brian Tatlow ’14, Joe DiSipio ’14

Managing Editor, Black Friar Chronicle:  Dan McGlinn ’14

Managing Editor, Friar’s Lantern:  Matt Lanetti ’15

Opinion Editor:  Anthony Abron ’14

Friar Life Editors:  Matt Magargee ’14, Mike Higgins ’14

Sports Editor: Brendan Hallian ’14

Media & Technology Editor:  Christopher Bunn ’16

News Beyond Malvern Editor:  Jake Sorensen ’15

2012-2013 Editorial Staff

2012-2013 Editorial Staff

2012-2013 Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief:  Tom Verdi ’13

Media and Culture Editor:  Matt Lanetti ’15

Sports Editor: Kevin Cloetingh ’13

Friar Life Editor:  MP Salinas ’13

Arts Editor: Anthony Abron ’14

News Editor:  Jake Sorensen ’15

Advisor:  Ms. Kate Plows



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