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December, 2016

  • 22 December

    Fr. Reilly: This is Malvern

    As we get to know new Head of School Fr. Don Reilly, he must also get to know the student body. Fr. Reilly: We’ve come to learn you’re a man who loves classical music and “The Godfather.” Most of us are guys who rap songs in the hall and binge-watch …

October, 2016

  • 25 October

    We endorse discussion this election season

    Labeling, criticizing, and close-mindedness have dominated this election season. That’s a bigger problem for Americans than the candidates. On October 11, Father Cassidy delivered a meaningful message in our non-conventional Tuesday chapel meeting. He spoke about Syrian refugees and how the world seems to often be split into two, with each group …

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December, 2015

  • 16 December

    It doesn’t have to B this way

    Malvern can put an end to grade grubbing and it’s all in the system. The end of the quarter means a stressful time for students, parents, and teachers alike. Students do whatever the teacher allows to squeeze every point in every class to boost their GPA just that little .04. …

October, 2015

  • 24 October

    EDITORIAL BOARD: Insecurity over security

    Malvern has an open 103 acre campus with beautiful ponds, fields and trees in a nice part of the Philadelphia suburbs.   However, it is a false sense of security. School shootings have become almost normalized in American society and media. We would be foolish to think that Malvern is …

September, 2015

  • 22 September

    EDITORIAL BOARD: Remembering 9/11

    On September 11th 2001, 2,996 people died from an indescribable horror that shook America. On September 11th 2015, the Malvern Prep upper school community went the entire day without formally recognizing that it was 9/11. There was no moment of silence. There was no prayer over the loudspeaker. There was …

May, 2015

April, 2015

  • 29 April

    Projects VS. Tests: The Final (Exam) Countdown

    Last year, Malvern Prep began a new final assessment format where large projects took the place of tests in some subjects. Instead of having students complete a traditional final assessment, english, social studies, and science classes had projects instead.

March, 2015

  • 26 March

    CORRECTION: March Editorial Board

    Malvern Community, On behalf of the entire Blackfriar Chronicle staff, Matt and I would like to apologize for a mistake made in the March 2015 issue of the paper. As many of you may know or have heard, an a error occured in this month’s Editorial Board, focusing on the …

  • 26 March

    The “right” way to slide

    The Editorial Board takes a look at how seniors face their final year, and what can be done to make the most of it.